Great Homemade Costume Idea: Become a Wolfman!

I started this great homemade costume idea by taking an old white dress shirt that I had and took a box cutter to it. I also cut out bullet size holes to make it look like I had been shot. To make it more authentic I burned the “bullet holes”. I added tones of fake blood to it like I had torn someone apart.

then went to my local Halloween store and bought like 7 pairs of wolf hands that had fur up to the elbow. I took the fur part off and cut it up the middle to open it up. I then safety pinned the fur to the inside of my already torn shirt. I bought the mask at the Halloween store. With an old pair of shoes and one pair of wolf hands I cut the toe part of the shoe open and pulled the wolf hands out to simulate toes. To add to the affect of the Wolfman I bought plastic chains with cuffs and put them around my wrists with the wolf hands.

I also bought a second white dress shirt and cut it up exactly like the other and covered it with blood to look like the shirt with fur. But this one I left furless to wear in the day time  and covered my hands and face in fake blood.