I adopted Winston when he was three years old from a run down shelter in Athens, GA, where he had worms, was severely underweight, and part of his ear had been bitten off. Since then I have been determined to provide him the best life ever. I make all of his clothes, and I figured since this was our first Halloween together, why not honor is Mexican heritage by sewing him a Frida Kahlo costume.

I went to Goodwill and bought a newborn dress, and altered it to fit Winstons body. Then I found a blouse, which is what I constructed the sleeves and ruffles from. I cut and resewed a bandana to make it “winston-size”, and used a clear bra strap and stapled flowers to it for the flower crown. Patient as ever, Winston sat and endured these photos!!! I love this dog more than anything, and he is always by my side! I am hoping that this competition allows me to provide him with even more!