Willy Wonka Costume – The New Version

My son proclaimed that he wanted a Willy Wonka costume (the new version) after being on a Wonka movie-watching kick. I gathered bits and pieces for his costume, and put together a close replica. I managed to find a ladies coat at a thrift store that fit the look.

We did order the hat, glasses, and wig. I made his cane out of a clear piece of pipe (and yes – filled it with candy!) and added the ball top. We decorated our trunk-or-treat in Wonka theme, and my son really got into the part! So much so that he walked around the event in character, and didn’t even bother collecting any candy from the trunks!

I had to send him back out later with his Willy Wonky costume to get some candy….for me!!

Willy Wonka Costume - The New Version

Willy Wonka Costume - The New Version

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