My best friend, sister in law, and myself have four toddlers all the same age. Every year the local fair has a kids costume parade. The entire town shuts down for everyone to come watch the kids walk down the middle of the town showing off their favorite costumes. Even the local cops block traffic for the annual kids parade.

My nephew Mayson was diagnosed with C.P. at birth and is in a wheelchair.  This year we decided to have Mayson driving a Willy Wonka truck with his chocolate factory and workers (oompa loompas) along with him. We took several large card board boxes to shape around Mayson’s wheelchair wheels. Also large cardboard boxes and attached Wonka signs in shape of large chocolate bars. Added tin foil on the ends to look like sealed bars. We added candy-inspired decorations made out of colored Styrofoam balls. We printed golden tickets and more Wonka labels to put on truck. Dressed Mayson in purple with suspenders and added a foam steering wheel that looked like a life savor.

Even the blue berry girl was rolled down the street.  A balance ball with blue tee shirt with make up barbie head attached with duck tape and gloves and slippers for feet. The workers were dressed up with face paint wigs and real candy attached to there shirts. The only girl of the group wanted a candy inspired crown, so she was the candy queen with lollipops attached to a head band. Each child created a paper plate lollipop to add as well. They all loved creating it as a group and happy to involve mayson in this project.

We have now made it an annual tradition for us mom’s and kids to have a craft fun weekend to get ready for more costume ideas. We won first place most comical ribbons.