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Well Done Steak and A1 Steak Sauce Couple Costume

Years ago, I was sitting on my bed with my mom and she asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween. Instead of being a princess that year I asked to be a steak. I was half joking but my mom got so excited about it! She began work on the steak costume and of course my older brother wanted to be a part of it so we decided he would be A1 Steak Sauce.

My mom spent hours on these costumes. She printed out templates from the Internet of the A1 bottle and painted over them. She also used Cardboard, hot glue, plastic tubing and lots of love. These costumes were a hit! The little signs we are holding actually had little buckets on the back that held our candy. My mom made those too! People thought we actually bought the costumes because they were so well done (ha! Get it?)

The funniest thing that happened while wearing these was that I was at school and about to walk in the school costume parade. As I was walking down a small slope my brother got mad at me and pushed me. Since I couldn’t really move too well in the costume, I kind of just flopped down on my face and needed help getting up. I was okay and we made up and walked in the parade.

I wish we still had these costumes but we ran out of space in our storage. She made many other costumes during our childhood that were equally amazing: A working traffic light, a mini van (you put the candy in the gas tank!), a safe (that opened)… I am so proud of my mom for putting all that hard work in to make sure we got to be what we wanted for Halloween and I would love to win the contest because I know it would make her smile knowing we still appreciate her hard work!

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