So I needed a box, the absolute right size box. I drove my minivan around town on recycle day scouring the town for just the right size. I think I brought home about five boxes before I found “the one”. My husband thought I was crazy.

I then cut out the arm holes, neck and opening in the back. It was then painted gray. I had to fold over just a small section of the box so there would be an indentation for the candy to set in. I then went and bought some candy. My daughter thought it was fun because we opened and ate the chocolate candy and just stuffed the package with cotton balls. The candy was then tied from the back with pipe cleaners.

I then found a clear plastic sheet of plastic and put it over the candy. We added the details and got our perfect costume. It’s a super cute costume, but not too comfortable. It was a lengthy process, but well worth the unique end product.

The stick of gum was a friends costume, that went perfect with my other daughter. Both homemade and super cute.