Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

I started with the accessories first. Earrings and necklace were made with polymer clay, baked and painted. I found some tutorial videos on Youtube to create the right shell shape I needed.

The trident was made from a 3/4 inch dowel, and three layers of foam board. I cut out three layers, glued them together, then glued it to the end of the dowel. Using the hot glue I created the little semi-circle shapes on the top and the bottom of the trident. To make it all a bit smoother, I trimmed the edges of the foam board and then paper mached it.

The crown was made using sturdy wire, bent into the basic shape, then wrapped with craft foam before wrapping it in paper mache.

Crown and Trident were then spray painted first with yellow, then gold metallic paint.

The wig was a short silvery grey wig, that had no shape when I purchased it. I molded it into place using watered down glue, spray starch and a can of extreme hold auquanet hairspray.

The base skirt was a dark blue, long, poofy bridesmaid dress, then I made a simple tulle skirt using about 30 yards of tulle in three different shades of blue.

The tentacles were made of black vinyl, and purple taffeta(2 yards of each – had plenty of excess). First, taking the circumference of my waist where I wanted the belt to sit, I divided it by six, to figure out the width of the top of each tentacle.

I made two different pattern pieces using the backside of some wrapping paper, then cut out three of each in the vinyl and the taffeta. They were sewn together, turned right side out, then stuffed with Poly-fil. I ended up using about 1 lb per tentacle(I purchased a 10lb box on amazon, as it was cheaper than buying individual bags).

They were attached to the belt by two heavy duty metal snaps on each tentacle, so they can easily be removed, rearranged.

I had meant to put wire in each of the tentacles to give them more shape, but never found a heavy duty enough wire to support the weight of them.

For the makeup, I did several attempts, painted my entire face purple, but was never happy with the result. Ended up going for a more subtle look, using shades of purple eyeshadow to contour and shade, and did a dramatic blue eye.

The costume was definitely a hit while wandering downtown before and after the parade.

Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch Costume

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