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Unique Pregnant Belly Fortune Teller Costume

This fortune teller costume was inspired by a book I read about fortune tellers. I figured since my belly was so big it would make the perfect crystal ball.

Fortune Teller Costume Supplies

  • I went to Goodwill with a $25.00 budget and just started piecing the costume together by thinking about what fortune tellers look like.
  • I was able to find the entire costume there other than the jewelry and the paint.
  • The bangles came from Walmart and the rest of the jewelry is from a collection I’ve acquired over the years.
  • The paint is non toxic and came from Hobby Lobby.

I felt this costume idea was extremely original and wanted to try it. It was a hit last night at a Halloween party!

This is my first child and it took 7 fertility treatments so this might be my only one. I wanted to make this Halloween memorable.

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