Most Unique Costumes – Photos and Tips

Take a look at these cool Muffin costumes submitted to our annual Halloween Costume Contest. You’ll also find loads of homemade costume ideas and DIY Halloween costume inspiration.

Costume by Yesenia F., Chicago, IL

Most Unique Costumes - Photos and Tips

My little girl was a precious miracle for my husband and me. He always had referred to me as his muffin and as soon as we heard the news that we were pregnant he immediately said we going to have a “little muffin”. I, as a new mom knew that for her first Halloween costume I wanted to make her a muffin. I searched endlessly for a muffin costume with no luck, therefore her first Halloween she was not a muffin.

I prepared myself for the second Halloween and drafted an idea. I went to my favorite craft store where one can find endless unique costumes, hoping to find someone who could give an idea as to how to make sure the costume kept it shape. I didn’t have much luck with each person asking me to bring her in so that they could see how the costume turned out.

I found upholstery foam that was less then one inch thick that was a good shade of brown and would help keep its shape. I used tulle to create the wrap. Then I had the idea that a plain muffin would not do so I decide to make her a blueberry muffin. I purchased foam balls, blue paint and glitter. Then I used a round laundry basket cutting out the bottom of it as my base or you could say my muffin tin. I wrapped it with the upholstery foam completely covering inside and out it then stitched it by hand on the bottom. It was the perfect shape for the muffin bottom. I had my daughter try it over her so that I can measure a good spot to cut the armholes.

Then I created the top of the muffin, taking another piece of the foam and stitching it by hand to the top of the basket. I stitched areas on the top to give it a less rounded look. I also cut the hole for my daughter measuring her head. I cut the foam balls in halves then painted each blue and dipped them in the blue glitter and letting them dry. I used Fabric-Tak to stick them in random areas around the muffin. I then took the tulle and using the Fabric-Tak glue I created the muffin cup folding over every inch or so give it the look of a muffin cup.

Then I created a blue rounded hat using blue fleece. I purchased blue sequence trim for embellishments around the hat. I also took it one step further creating a basket of blueberries. I lined the inside with fleece and place whole foam balls that were also painted and glittered in it. I purchased white felt to create the wording and her daddy was happy to write out the words. I then cut each letter and lined the edges of each with more blue sequence trim. I used fabic-tak to place the words on the front of the costume.

We always think of unique costumes for Halloween and this was no different., The entire costume took me about nine hours over three Saturdays to make. The end product was perfect; we had so many people asking where we had purchased the costume. It is something I will save for her memory box and am pleased to say my husband and I were very pleased with my work.

Total Spent: $20


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