My last minute costume hunt was on, October 31st, lunchtime.  Nothing in mind, but looking for inspiration at Goodwill for my teen.  They had the usual cheap costume capes, but I wanted something special.

I found a vintage wedding gown and immediately decided on the costume, Bride of Frankenstein Costume.  Add a $2.99 dust ruffle and we were set!  The dress didn’t have to fit perfectly, because the front was more a drapey and the white fabric covered any ill fitting areas.  I safety pinned it together and ripped up strips for the arms.

The hair was the hard part, at least getting it to stand straight up.  After much gel, hair spray and a number of bobby pins, I was able to spray ‘paint’ my daughter’s hair black.  I picked up two glow in the dark white hair clips that accented it perfectly!

Logan did her own make up and stitches, making sure she had the ghastly wide eyed look, and voila! The perfect Bride of Frankenstein.  Of course now we have to watch the movie once again to fully enjoy our creation.