Ninja Turtles all home made

The shells for the 4 turtles were all made from dollar store foil roasting pans, the 2 larger ones had to be cut across the middle and joined with an extra pan.

All were covered in papier mache’ and painted.

My wife knitted the green hats and made the belts, knee and arm pads and the bandanas.

Three of the costumes were completed by adding green sweat pants and sweatshirts, and vinyl material fronts for the shells.

For Michelangelo I went a step further and made a papier mache’ head to fit myself (the only 66 year old Ninja Turtle) so that I could see through the eyes.  I dyed a thermal underwear set green, and made hands and feet from some green rubber work gloves.

This costume was a big hit at my grandsons’ Turtle themed birthday party in October and on Halloween.

The weapons are all made from wood with colored   handles to match their owners’ bandanas.

The holder for Leonardo’s Katanas is a piece of ABS drain pipe heated with a paint stripper gun and flattened in a vise to fit the blades.  I then screwed the two pieces of pipe at an angle to each other, covered the holder in brown fabric and screwed it to the back of the shell.

I made the initial belt buckles from some foam sheet, carving and painting the initials and rims.  The buckles are held on the belts by thin sections of the ABS pipe glued to the back.

These costumes took many months to complete, but, as I am semi retired it kept me busy and the finished product made it all worthwhile for myself and my grandsons aged 3, 5 and my daughter Larissa.

Sam, my grandson, 10, preferred a more scary outfit and so I made a Frankenstein’s monster head of paper mache’..

The Shredder costume made by Marcos, my Son in Law, is mainly cardboard and duct tape.