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Transforming Bumblebee Costume

Our 8 year old son announce in August that dad and i needed to make a transformer bumble bee costume that would transform. After searching for online plans in vain, we began creating our own design. After many failed attempts we finally found one that worked.

Foam core posterboards, 2 rolls of duct tape, a few tap lights for headlights, parking lights and tail lights, reflectors made the body…an old costume mask and cheap construction helmet were the foundation for the mask….the treat bucket is a milk jug covered with red cello tape. Thrift store sweats and knee pads. A cell phone with voice changer app was mounted in the grill

At the church trunk or treat, he was mobbed… hundreds of requests for him to transform , tons of pictures and videos were taken. I was inundated with questions about its construction, and compliments on the creation….and a couple of offers to buy it from him!

Hes already promised it to one of new our church friends for next year, and dad and i are working on detailed instructions to share.

And tonight David announced he wants to be Optimus Prime next year….at least we’ve got a place to start!

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