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Adorable DIY Toddler Ace Venture Pet Detective Costume

BLUE! 42! BLUE! 42! HUT! HUT!

Ace Ventura Pet Detective is taken over by Hunter Easton this year. He’s got the lines down as he parades around town showing off his AMAZING costume.

Hunter is four years old and his personality overflows in this costume. This has been a huge hit, on social network and in person. Hunter is already hyperactive so letting him be Ace really helps to let it shine.

I had black socks and a white tank, we used a short sleeve plaid shirt, I bought a pair of longer plaid shorts. I bought the tutu for toddler girl on Amazon. and ended up having to cut 3 inches off to see the shorts well underneath.

The black boots we got at Target, and the rest was history. His hair is already long and messy, but very blonde, so I put gel on the sides and top & sprayed it with a root concealer that was brown to add effect to the costume.

He is the perfect Ace Ventura, and man have we heard it. “The Best Costume Yet” “Amazing” “so creative”!  He’s ready for the big leagues now “I’m ready to go in coach, just give me a chance”!





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