Coolest Homemade Tina Belcher Costume from Bob’s Burgers

This Halloween, I was vascillating between doing something really simple (a rock, a tree, etc.) to throw people off (but… you’re not just a rock, right? What’s the joke?) or a character I love. Then, I watched the perfect episode of Bob’s Burgers and Tina Belcher as a Tree in the instant classic dinner theater play Dreamatorium. Annnd here we go!

Tina Belcher Costume (Underneath the tree)

– Blue short t-shirt

– Darker blue skirt

– White high-top socks, painted with red stripes

– Knock-off converse

– Barette painted yellow, pinned hair into bob

– 3D movie glasses, lenses punched out

Tree Costume

– Brown large size paper (arm and head holes cut out, taped together with masking tape)

– Green cut out leaves

– White straws, taped onto wood & leaves

Funniest reactions (taken out in NYC, 3 & F trains):

“What are you? HEY! WHAT ARE YOU? Ohh… sprout. You must be a sprout. COOL SPROUT!” – Bro, in football costume

“Shh, shh, you’re golden Tina, baby.” – Girl dressed as Louise

Funniest moment: power walking through the subway… when I couldn’t stretch my legs for fear of ripping the tree trunk.

This costume was so much fun to make and, even though I was mistaken many times for a sprout, the people that got it, really did and were so excited. Also! Got to respond with, “No, don’t!” to everything (finally remembered my lines!).