Thrifted Bellatrix Lastrange Costume

I had been wanting to throw a Harry Potter Halloween party for a while, so I planned everything out and made the tough decision of who I wanted to be. I decided on Bellatrix, because although she is a nasty villain, I knew she would be fun to dress up as!

This costume was pretty simple to put together, and almost all of it was found at the Goodwill. I knew which outfit of Bellatrix’ I wanted to wear, so I went to the Goodwill looking for pieces I could work with. I found a long sleeve black V-neck shirt and a long layered skirt for my basics. Then I just cut the sleeves off the shirt, and used the sleeves for the arm bands.

To make the arm pieces, I cut a slit down one side of the arm, but left the seams intact so it was still a sleeve I could put on my arm. Then I poked holes about 1″ apart on each side of the slit. After that, I used some black leather cord to “lace up” the sleeves. I then added about 3 holes on the shoulder of the shirt so I could lace the sleeves right back to the top. When you are finished, the sleeves should be connected to the shirt (be patient when putting it on!)

Next, I cut allt he hems off the skirt and threw it in the washer & dryer to make it fray.  When it was dry I used a silver sharpie to draw swirls on the skirt and on the sleeves and top. After that I added a black leather waist cinch, tall black boots, and Bellatrix’ signature skull necklace. It was that easy!

I got so many compliments from everyone who knew who I was, but I got a lot from the people who didn’t too! I wore the costume to work and everyone thought I was a witch, but I still won 3rd place in the costume contest! On Halloween night I wore it again to the bar and won 2nd place at that costume contest. I wish I could go as Bellatrix every year!