Thrift Store Little Mermaid Family Costume

My son’s name is Sebastian, so for his first Halloween, I decided he should be none other, than himself! Lol.

I made his costume out of a snow suit, it was 2 size two big so I had to cut it up quite a bit. I even had enough fabric for little claw mittens. And his shoes were on sale at BabiesRus.

For my costume, I purchased an old unwanted bridesmaid dress and turned into a gown fit for a princess.  All of the finishing touches were created from shirts. And then to make it official I dyed my hair bright red!

And my son’s father’s costume was the easiest of all: A sized too big dress shirt, blue skinny jeans and a red scarf tied around his waist.

All materials I used were bought & re-purposed from a thrift store. Over all I spent less then $60 for all 3 costumes!