Back (Left to Right): Ariel, Cinderella, Tinkerbelle & Rapunzel

Front (Left to Right): Belle, Snow White, Megara & Pocahontas 

Not wanting to buy costumes we as a group of friends decided to go the cheaper route & buy all of our clothes from thrift stores! We each picked our characters who we thought each girl looked the most like & went from there. Planning the costumes months in advance, it came down to the last few days before Halloween that everyone was finally finished their look. We took countless trips to thrift stores over the past two months, which lead to growing as a friend group! Each girl also go a sign to hang around their neck with quotes.  Everyone has at least one item bought from the thrift store, or homemade all together.  We all had tons of fun taking pictures on Halloween and got MANY complements throughout the night on how creative we were! Everyone we meet said something nice about how we all looked. We were definitely a crowd pleaser.