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Coolest Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Baby Costumes

As the mom of new twins, I wanted their first Halloween costumes to be perfect. I had boy girl twins in 2010 and everywhere I looked I could not find the perfect costume set. One night I was reading them the Cat in the Hat and it hit me, Thing 1 and Thing 2 twin baby costumes! Perfect!

So I used contact paper and white paint and made my design for the shirts. I put it on red onsies and voila, step 1 done.

I looked everywhere for blue wigs but could not find any that either fit or were fluffy enough to be thing one and two. So I got some baby hats and blue feather boas, and went to town. Each haty took one and a half boas and that was for a infant size head. I then started gluing from the top of the hat down (NOTE: Stretch the hat over something otherwise you will not have any stretch to get over the baby’s head.) I learned that step the hard way and had to cut parts of the boa and then fill in spots. But once I fixed that the hats were PERFECT.

When they went out on Halloween everyone fell in love with them. The crazy blue hair was the best and the fact there were two of them. They are setting out for their third halloween, with a now one year old brother and I have yet to truly top this one.



Coolest Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twin Baby Costumes

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