Thing 1 & Thing 2 Adult Women Costumes

Since my sister and I look alike, we thought we would use it to our advantage in Halloween 2011. Our costume came out awesome as THING 1 and THING 2 from The Cat in The Hat, Dr. Seuss.

Creating the costume:
Both of these costumes took a lot of time, and I owe it mostly to my sister. She came up with the concept by having us wear tutu’s and making tank tops with the “THING 1 and THING 2” circles on each. For the tank tops we just bought cheap red ones and used acrylic white and black paint to make the circle and write the names on each. On the straps of our tank tops we took red and silver glitter fabric and wrapped ties around each strap to make it more creative. Under our tutu’s we had red spanks and we also wore red leg warmers. For our shoes, we took black flip flops and used the same colors and ties for our tank top straps on to our thongs of the flip flops.

Our Hair:
My sister is a hair stylist, and doing the hair was quite easy. She placed blue strands throughout the hair and glued little silver jewels all over. We also wore fake eyelashes because the “THINGS” have long eye lashes.

Our costumes were a HUGE success. Everyone loved the idea and we looked so cute because we already have similar features from just being sisters. I would recommend this to any girls out there, especially if you want to do something fun with your sis! I did forget to mention, we had a male dressed as The Cat in the Hat, it was great! It added more to the costumes!

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