In March this year, the company I work for celebrated their 20th year anniversary with a movie theme. Decorating the site as well as it’s people. It was our job to come to work as a character from a movie, and as I had bright red hair at the time, the iconic Poison Ivy was definitely something I wanted to do!

I wanted to look as much like Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy as possible, while still keeping in line with the comic book version. My costume was mostly homemade:

  • The red hair was my own so this you could say was homemade
  • I made the hooded cape by sewing 2X 2 meters of fabric (dark green stretch velvet and a brighter green satin for the inside)
  • The costume was originally a purple swimming costume which I altered
    • I bought 2 types of fake leaves (Ivy leaves and a generic green leaf)
    • I sewed the leaves onto the costume 1 by 1 by hand to make sure once it was on and had been stretched, there was no purple fabric showing
    • I bought 2 pairs of dark green tights (1 pair for my legs, 1 pair for my arms)
  • The pair for my arms were also embellished at the top with ivy leaves
  • For my makeup, I used red lipstick and a natural look with green eye shadow. I then stuck Ivy leaves around my eyes with eyelash glue and bedazzled them with gold glitter
  • For my boots, I had a black pair of pointy ankle boots from a charity shop. I bought some rigid green fish net type material, cut it into triangles and attached them to the top of the boot.

I hope you like it!