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The Magic School Bus Homemade Couple Costume

It took couple of days to make this costume but it was totally worse it!

First of all, we glued carton boxes to make the bus, than we bought a yellow cloth to cover the cartons. We made two flashlights using plastic plates and yellow cellophane, then, we glued the flashlights to the bus. We printed eight different characters and we glued them to the bus in a way that it looked like they are watching from the windows. We also printed planets, magnets and stars – which we saw in different episodes of the show. The last thing we have done was to glue rubber that will fit the height of the person wearing the bus. We have also made a license plate with numbers we found at the newspaper. The wheels were made with a black sandpaper (be careful with that!)

Miss frizzle- the hardest part to tell the truth was to find a doll lizard to be liz from the TV show. Than, we bought  a blue Satin fabric and my talented mom sew the whole dress. We used gold and silver EVA with glitters to make different shapes which we attached to the dress- starts, sun and moon. We printed drawing papers of rockets and planets, we painted them and attached them to the dress using purple EVA.

Also, we used the gold EVA to make star earrings and stars that were attached to the blue shoes (which you cannot see clearly in the picture).

The intro for the party was also very important- we put the official song of the TV show and entered dancing to the party. Everyone were very excited about our costume and we got really good comments about it.

Now we have big expectations for next year costume! Hope you’ll enjoy wearing and making this costume like we did!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

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