I went to Goodwill and bought a white hoodie sweatshirt.  I bought an adult size so I could place his winter coat underneath the sweatshirt.  It served two purposes.  It kept him snuggly warm and it also made it look like he was a fat chicken….lol.  I sprayed stick on glue to the outside of the sweatshirt then I pressed two boas to the sweatshirt.  I also placed a few yellow and orange feathers throughout.  I made his beak from colored paper and a rubberband.  His head feathers are my hand drew out and cut out.  Then I wrapped it and hotglued it with red felt.  For his feet, I used yellow rubber kitchen gloves.  I glued them over his original play shoes.  Too Cute!!!  We had so much fun with this costume.  Everyone we ran into loved his costume.  All night long we kept being told his was everyone’s favorite costume this year.