Stefany is wearing the costume. I saw a video of a kid stuck in a machine and thought hmm i can make one of those.

This was 1 large box, paint, clear vinyl and lots of stuffed animals.

I cut 3 sides out on the large box and taped the clear vinyl on the inside. I then pained the box. I did purchase some lights to go on the outside but i had an inside light from one of my daughters toys we could use. We had a hat we purchased from a theme park years ago that still lit up and looked great with the costume. We pinned lots of little stuffed animals on a Tshirt to keep them in place. We used a broken screwdriver handle for the joystick.

This costume cost us less than $10 out of pocket, as the rest was either recycled materials or something we already had!

This took approx 10 hours to complete.