This is my 2015 Halloween Costume. I really enjoyed this build because it allowed me to exercise my creative ability to its fullest. This costume took 2 months to build and several trial and errors. In the video and pictures submitted you will see a futuristic Time Traveling Prophesier(i.e.Fortune Teller). This costume incorporates Magic and illusion combined with electronic 3d Hologram Imagery.

The effect is a half body set on top of an old crate which has opened up like a “Jack in the Box” effect.  The design of this crate looks as if it completely  empty other than a tripod stand in the center.  On lookers are able view this effect inches away at all angles, can shine lights inside and take flash photography without revealing it’s secret illusion. Placed on the top of this crate is an crystal pyramid displaying 3d hologram images that change every 10 sec with a smoke transition.

This Pyramid (crystal ball) can be viewed from each side as well viewing a moving object that appears to be suspended in its center. The backdrop (lid) of the crate contains large gears of various sizes, curtains, and flaming torches.  Suspended above the box crate is a vintage black and white striped umbrella with small gears attached around its circumference. This umbrella also contains a light for assisted lighting of the costume.

This umbrella also rotates constantly in a circular motion like a Merry-go-Round of gears.  The character is a Steam Punk Hat containing Goggles and gears and Mask containing gears and electronic components. The jacket worn is a Civil War Band jacket which I love so much I will be wearing it even after Halloween. I hope you enjoy.