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Terrance and Philip South Park Halloween Costumes

The idea for these South Park Halloween costumes came to us hours before the party and took all of 3 hours total to make. That is just how we roll.

I did all my shopping in one place, good ol’ Walmart.

Instructions for Making South Park Halloween Costumes

  • I bought two sweatshirts, one blue and one red.
  • I purchased black clothing paint, 2 foam poster boards, 3 black felt squares and 1 yellow felt square. These things can also be purchased at your local craft store.
  • For the letters on the shirt I used pencil first to freehand a letter “T” and a letter “P.”
  • Once those looked even I went ahead and painted them on.
  • Once you’ve completed this step set them aside to dry. If you have a rock star boyfriend as I do, you can put him to work blow drying the shirts to get them to dry quicker. :)

NOTE: If you did not want to paint you could also buy iron-on printer paper and go that route.

Instructions the Masks

  • Using the foam boards, trace or freehand a large oval shape. The size is up to you and what you want to wear, but I find larger to be more hilarious. The foam board was a bit difficult to cut out since it is so thick, so I do recommend using an Exacto knife or razor blade if you have them.
  • Once I cut both of them out I used a nail file to smooth out the edges.
  • Then, for the facial features I just looked at pictures online and drew them onto the pieces of felt the best I could. That definitely took a few tries, but that is why you buy extra.
  • Using a hot glue gun, glue on the faces where you want them to go. We chose not to make eye holes as it took away from the look.

NOTE: Inside we wore the masks on top of our heads like hats. When it came to picture time we dropped them down.

  • To secure the whole thing, hot glue a headband or string to tie onto the back of your head. BAM! You’ve got yourself a kick A costume.

I am highly considering wearing this costume for years to come. It was super comfortable and easy to wear. We were the hit of the party. Everyone wanted pictures with us and wanted to know how we came up with it. All around there were lots of laughs, so I highly recommend this costume!


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