Ten Feet Tall Death Costume

Our neighborhood is great on Halloween. Every year even the parents dress up. So I decided to make my costume this year. I went to the store and bought black material and black Burlap and borrowed a sewing machine. I decided I was going to be death! Not just any old Death, no. I went all out and decided to be 10ft tall!

I just used the lack cloth and basically sewed a long sleeve tall Dress. I took material and randomly sewed it on the dress and then shredded it. I kept doing this until I got the look I was going for. I then took a coat hanger and made a hood with the coat handed keeping the front open. so they don’t see my face I use black Burlap and then put the hood on over that.

The next step was obviously making stilts. Let me say this, between me my buddies and my wife with a camera we ended up with about 40 lbs on each leg and a lot of laughs. Course the issue was the fact I could not walk without falling over. Although we came close, no bones were broke and I broke down and bought stilts. I painted the bottoms black then zip tied material around the base to hide them.

The costume looks great. Course my son had to have me build a guilley suit for him as well. I have added a staff now to help me keep balance. Basically found a long branch and de barked it.

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