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Teachers by Day – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Night!

4 Elementary School Teachers by day, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by night!

My colleagues and I go to work every morning, thoroughly enjoying what we do. We try our very best to inspire each and every single one of our students, each and every single day. We might not get it perfect each and every time, but we try our very best to be the best role model that we can be for our students.

So one night, my colleagues and I decided to stay after school to see what ideas we could come up with for a costume idea. We wanted to dress up as characters that our students would thoroughly enjoy and would bring a smile to their faces. We knew the importance of dressing up as characters that they could recognize and could feel familiar to. That is why we decided to be the Teenage Mujant Ninja Turtles!

My colleagues and I grew up watching the popular cartoon and like many other things, the popularity of the show is once again coming back and has the same influence to the new generation.

We made the skeleton of our turtle shells out of a giant baking tin, then we covered it with a green table cloth. One of my colleagues (the one who dressed up as Rapheal) is an incredible artist, so he painted the exterior of our shells and it turned out beautifully. At the same time, my other 2 colleagues and I paid close attention to the tiny details and made the different logos for our shells and also, cut out felt shoulder pads and knee pads from felt. We knew that if we made the weapons for our characters, the costume would be that much more outstanding,l but because it was against the rules of our school, we had to set a good example for our students.

Nonetheless, the results turned out beautifully and when we went to school yesterday, we were able to see the eyes of each and every single child light up with excitement. They referred us by the names of our characters and couldn’t stop looking at us. They really had a great time and was extremely happy to see their teachers dress up.

As I had mentioned before, as a teacher, you might not get it right each and every single time. But with the passion and continuous drive, we feel very blessed that we get the chance to inspire our students and brighten up the days of our younger generation each and every day. It is our hope that by sharing our experience of making our Halloween costume this year, that our students realize the importance of being creative and how it can bring such wonderful colors to our world today.

Thanks again for letting us be apart of your wonderful contest that values creativity and inspiration!

Teachers by Day - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Night!

Teachers by Day - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Night!

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