Cool Homemade Jack In The Box Clown Costume

Homemade Jack In The Box Costume

I wanted my son to stand out for Halloween and the store costumes were just not doing it for me. Then one day while I was putting away the toys I came across a Jack-In-The-Box. What a perfect costume for my son Jack!. I got out a box from moving recently and just started coloring … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cuckoo Clock Halloween Costume

Homemade Cuckoo Clock Halloween Costume

When we asked my two-year-old son what he wanted to be for Halloween he responded with words we have heard often in recent months, “Cuckoo”. For the past year he has been obsessed with cuckoo clocks. It started when he watched The Sound of Music and fell in love with the song “So Long, Farewell” … Read more

Coolest Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume

Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume

I thought up and created my 20 month old son’s Homemade Garden Gnome Boy Costume this year. I wanted to be creative, but keep it simple and didn’t have money to be spending on an extravagant costume anyway. It is very basic, but with the help of my mom and a friend, we made this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

Homemade Flower and Bee Costumes

When my daughter was 3, she wanted to be a flower for Halloween. I tried to come up with something my then 6 month old son could be which would coordinate with her costume. Hence, the bumblebee costume. These Flower and Bee Costumes were pretty easy. They were basically made with felt and sweatsuits. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume

Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume

This Homemade Ballot and Ballot Box Costume is actually last year’s costumes but I received so many compliments on them that I decided to upload and share. Since Halloween last year was right before the election and we were die hard Obama supporters, I decided to do creative and political statements. With a 1 and … Read more

Coolest Baby Sumo Costume

Homemade Baby Sumo Costume

My son was still pretty chunky on his second Halloween, and while he was walking around in his diaper one day the idea of a sumo wrestler came to me. I couldn’t just put him in a diaper and let him run around outside in October, though; he’d be cold, and that would just be … Read more

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume

Coolest Parrot Infant Costume 21

This Parrot Infant Costume was amazingly easy! I needed something that wouldn’t be too hot for South Florida. I bought a plain, white, long sleeve onesie and died it red. Then using blue, yellow and red felt, I cut out the wings and tail shapes. The wings are two sided (one blue, 2 yellow and … Read more

Coolest Elephant Costume

Ele[phant Costume

I made this elephant costume with soft grey velour I found at a garage sale. The tusks and toenails are made of white felt. It was a McCall’s pattern. The feet have stuffing in them too.

Coolest Homemade Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume

Homemade Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume

I got this idea for a Homemade Red Eyed Tree Frog Costume from my daughter’s super cute red-eyed tree frog stuffed animal. I sew, but I realize that so many people don’t. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a costume. You can just make one at home. Here is my … Read more

Coolest Cupcake Halloween Costume

Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

This costume was made for my 15 month old daughter. I wanted to make a pink and brown cupcake with sprinkles. We started with a pink fleece shirt. We live in a pretty cool climate and I wanted to make sure my little one would be warm. To the bottom we added about six to … Read more

Original Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

This Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume is my 2 year old daughter with a cherry on top. I used a lampshade for the cup then used construction paper and aluminum foil, folded in zig-zags, to cover the lamp shade. Then used cream colored fabric to make suspenders on the lamp shade to go over her shoulders. … Read more

Sweet Little Homemade Cupcake Costume

Homemade Cupcake Costume

This Cupcake Costume worked great for our 1-year-old. Started with foam backing cut into a circle. Took heavier cardboard stock and folded it into an accordion and hot glued it around the foam board. Took batting and glued that to the top of the foam board and then glued pompoms on top for sprinkles. Took … Read more

Coolest California Roll Sushi Boy Costume

Homemade California Roll Sushi Boy Costume

When thinking of what to make my son last year for Halloween, I wanted something unique and fun. While I was pregnant with him, I always craved my favorite sushi- California Rolls! So, what better costume than a California Roll?! This entire costume was made with foam that you can buy at your local craft … Read more

Coolest Dessert Sampler Platter Costumes

Don't eat me...ahhhh!

I wanted my kids to have a theme, and we chose dessert. My son is Owen 6, and he wanted to be BLUE cotton candy. My daughter Charlie is 3 and wanted to be a birthday cake. The baby is 1 1/2, and she was a cupcake. I wanted to make this as cheaply as … Read more