Coolest Homemade Costume for a Pint-Sized Rocker

Coolest Rocker Costume for 20 month old Boy

Well this came about due to being on a limited budget and wanting to stay away from the traditional package costumes. I had already made the vest for him prior to Halloween. It did take some cutting and sewing and of course some ironing. He already owned the jeans and shirt. Bought him a bandanna, … Read more

DIY Funny Couple Costumes: Huge Homemade Bra Costume

funny couple costumes

In coming up with our funny couple costumes, I was trying to think of a way to mock the “risque” theme of Halloween costumes for young adults. No offense to anyone who chooses to dress up with little clothing. You do you, boo boo! Taking Inspiration From Sexy Costumes Thinking about how many outfits really accentuate … Read more

Cool Homemade Costume – Mouse in a Trap

Mouse in a trap

This homemade costume got a lot of attention and won me second place in our work contest. We just used card board with wood contact paper and red tape for the outline of the trap. We put shoulder straps and bent a lead pipe my dad had laying around the garage. The “mouse” costume was … Read more

Yummiest Homemade Mac and Cheese Costume

mac and cheese costume

My 4 year old son Gavin is absolutely in LOVE with Mac and cheese, and eats it every day!! I always have told him, “you eat so much Mac and cheese you’re going to turn into mac n cheese!!!” And he DID!!! In this homemade Mac and Cheese costume he helped make himself. Mac and … Read more

Fun Homemade Furby Costume

furby costume

I absolutely love Furbies and all things 90’s. Since I could not find a Furby costume to buy or rent anywhere, I thought I would try and make one. I wore this for Halloween in Liverpool in England. I had a great response from my friends and other people whilst out. We got stuck in … Read more

Adorably Delicious DIY Pink Shopkins Cupcake Costume

shopkins cupcake costume

Materials Used Here’s what I used to make my pink Shopkins Cupcake costume: Toy storage tub, white pantyhose, polyester stuffing, Poster Board, 1 1/2 yard of fabric, bubblegum pink fabric spray, pompoms, Gorilla hot glue, suspenders, White sweatshirt, Headband, Styrofoam half, red marker, green pipe cleaner, duct tape, spray on glue. Shopkins Cupcake Costume Tutorial … Read more

Meaningful Homemade Statue of Liberty Child Costume

statue of liberty child costume

RoRo Loves Lady Liberty RoRo is 6.25 yrs old and loves the Statue of Liberty so much that we drove to see her last spring break. He is half Afghan. His dad fled in the 80s when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, so welcoming immigrants is meaningful to us. In this divisive election, we want to … Read more

Cutest Baby Costumes: The Delicious Granny Twins

cutest baby costumes

I wanted something different for my twins first Halloween that wasn’t just store bought but also wouldn’t put a huge dent in my bank account. I am a new mom of twins so I had a tight budget for TWO babies. For both costumes, it ended up costing me less than $7 to make! Mainly … Read more

Adorably Easy Homemade Grease Couple Costumes


Sandy Costume Black leggings painted with black spray paint, black t-shirt cut and pinned to perfection. Then Princess high heels spray painted red, old 80’s black belt I had in my closet, and lots of hairspray and ratting= VOILA!!! Danny Costume Black motorcycle boots, black skinny jeans, black t-shirt with cut sleeves, white women’s button … Read more

Coolest Homemade Macho Man Costume – You Dig It!

Coolest Macho Man Costume. You dig it!

Snap Into a Slim Jim! “Wanna light up your life? Need a lil excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim! A little beef and a little spice, with everything nice!” This was my inspiration for my Macho Man costume. Check out my costume in action, here. Making my Second Macho Man Costume I created my second Macho … Read more

Funny Donald Trump Costume: Make America Skate Again

funny donald trump costume

One of my roommates and I dressed up for Halloween this year in a funny Donald Trump costume. We were Donald Trump on roller skates. The theme for the costume was based off of his Presidential Candidate slogan, except we decided to make a play on the words. So we entitled our costume “Make America … Read more

Coolest Homemade Tina Belcher Costume from Bob’s Burgers

For comparison!

This Halloween, I was vascillating between doing something really simple (a rock, a tree, etc.) to throw people off (but… you’re not just a rock, right? What’s the joke?) or a character I love. Then, I watched the perfect episode of Bob’s Burgers and Tina Belcher as a Tree in the instant classic dinner theater play Dreamatorium. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rainstorm Costume for Halloween

rainstorm costume

My daughter and I were on a hunt for an idea for a Halloween costume this year. We looked on Pinterest and saw a few ideas that inspired us to make this rainstorm costume, aka our “Rainstorm Princess”. Our first step was to get a dress for the base of the rainstorm costume.  I found … Read more

Coolest Lord Ghirahim Costume from the Legend of Zelda

ghirahim costume

This Lord Ghirahim costume is one of my my favorites because I didn’t think it would turn out as good as it did. Ghirahim Costume Base The white body suit is a plain white zentai suit that had a full head and hands, it was $20 on eBay.  I cut the body suit to match … Read more

Awesome Marionette and Wind-Up Doll Couples Costumes for Halloween

couples costumes for halloween

These couples costumes for Halloween were inspired by a vintage wind-up doll I saw in the window of an antique store. I initially thought to complement my wife as a Ventriloquist Dummy, but decided that they are too creepy and that a marionette had a sweeter appearance. Our costumes were a big hit at the … Read more

Awesome Homemade Little Red Riding Hood Family Costume

red riding hood family costume

We were planning to attend a Halloween event at our local zoo. My five-year-old daughter had decided to dress as Little Red Riding Hood and wear a red cape that was knit by her great-grandmother and worn by me when I was also five years old. My husband jokingly suggested that he could dress as … Read more

Stunning Homemade Jellyfish Costume

Glowing at night

My daughter and I were watching Finding Nemo and as soon as she saw the part that Dory and Nemo jump on the tops of the jellyfish, she decided she wanted to be a jellyfish for Halloween.  She wanted to use a clear umbrella as the base but we decided that a hat style might … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toddler Pippi Longstocking Costume With Pirate Ship

toddler pippi longstocking costume

As a redhead myself with years of experience portraying Pippi Longstocking for Halloween, it was only fitting to pass down my throne/braids to my first born daughter, Quincy. At 13 months, her spunky optimism and personality makes her a real-life Pippi. A true natural for a toddler Pippi Longstocking costume. Toddler Pippi Longstocking  Costume Creating … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Ghost of Jerry Garcia Costume

For the longest time I have wanted to do a twist on the traditional bed sheet ghost costume and here it is…The Ghost of Jerry Garcia. I used white fabric and a tie dye kit for the main part. I bought a Santa wig and beard (and trimmed the beard). I added 2 skeletal hands … Read more

Hysterical Homemade Costume

"It's a girl!"

Chas, the bearded lady giving birth, found the idea for this outrageous costume by searching the internet using the head line “halloween costumes you can’t unsee”.  Once he saw the inspriation for this costume on a random blog site, he immediately knew it was the one. Chas created the entire costume out of cardboard and … Read more

Coolest Genie in a Lamp Costume

My Grandson wanted to be a Genie for Halloween. I made a black skirt and put blue lights on it the covered it with fake spider webs to give a smoke look. I sewed on trim to the shirt. I made the vest out of gold fabric. Finally, he was painted all blue!

Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Ellen Degeneres Costume

ellen degeneres costume

I made this Ellen Degeneres costume for My husband and my 10th annual Halloween party. Our parties are so much fun because our friends do an amazing job with costumes. We pick a different theme every year- Vegas, SNL, Atlanta (where we live), Sci-fi/B-movies, etc. This year our theme was Politically Incorrect- seemed appropriate with … Read more

Adorable and Comfortable Homemade Toddler Centaur Costume

toddler centaur costume

I’m really into Greek mythology and thought it would be a very unique and cute idea to see a creature come to life. At first, creating this toddler centaur costume was a bit of a challenge. But after I did some simple measurements and had some free time, I was able to put it together. … Read more

Coolest DIY Child Sea Monster Costume

child sea monster costume

Here is my son, the Sea Monster. Once he has this costume on, he does become a Sea Monster! He runs and growls, and makes sudden appearances on unsuspecting family members! The idea of becoming Sea Monster was his. It is in his heart and soul (loves to swim, dive, and cliff jump). I made … Read more