Coolest Duct Tape RoboCop Costume

Homemade Duct Tape RoboCop Costume

This Duct Tape RoboCop Costume was a last minute costume. All I had was duct tape and cardboard and this is what I can up with. The hardest part was making the helmet with a visor. I ended up cutting apart an old pair of sun glasses. The best part of the costume was yelling … Read more

Coolest Spaceballs Costume

Spaceballs Dark Helmet & Colonel Sanders

DARK HELMET (AKA my mother!) Its a cat litter box! No joke. There were some really good ideas for Spaceballs costumes on this site, but we only had 1 day to do this one, it was a last minute idea. We tried to figure ways to make the mask move up and down, but everything … Read more

Coolest Homemade Terminator T-650 Costume


This was my homemade Terminator T-650 costume for 2009. It was made out of cardboard tubes, poster board and Styrofoam. It was connected to my back by a metal rod in the pelvis, and rods on its toes, connected to my feet, gave the illusion that it was walking behind me in the guise of … Read more

Cool Homemade R2D2 Costume

Homemade R2D2 Costume

My son has CP and when he got his dynamic stander in preparation for kindergarten – I immediately thought a life size R2D2 would make him the coolest kid in the school. Made with foam board, paper mache, pencil, marker, a lot of patience =). I made the cylinder to go around the stander. Though … Read more

Coolest Carton Box Robot Costumes

Robot Costume

One day while at work I saw two boxes sitting on the floor, so I brought them home then decided to make them in to a robot costume since we can not afford to buy costumes this year, and I did not want my children to miss out on Halloween. I took stuff that I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Voice Modulated Robot Halloween Costume

Homemade Voice Modulated Robot Halloween Costume

This is the best Homemade Voice Modulated Robot Halloween Costume ever! My husband made this costume for my 6 year old son. He took apart my son’s Tranformer’s voice-changer toy helmet, so that he can talk like a real robot. The very top of the robot (the “antenna”) was a baby food bowl and bubble … Read more

Coolest Homemade ED 209 Robot Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade ED 209 Robot Halloween Costume Idea

Hi All… This year I took on the mammoth task of creating my own walking talking ED-209 robot from the Robocop movies. I constructed the whole thing off a scale drawing I drew up, making the framework from wood and covering in card. Although not identical to the movie version, it is a dead give … Read more

Coolest Alien in His Flying Spaceship Costume

Homemade Alien in His Flying Spaceship Costume

My son wanted a space ship so after looking at several pictures I decided I could make one and made this Alien in His Flying Spaceship Costume. Spaceship: Materials: medium hola hoop, old round laundry basket, foam fabric padding from walmart, black spray paint, green poster board, silver tape, and battery powered light string, hot … Read more

Coolest Robot Costume

Big A's Robot Costume

We used a toilet paper box for the body of the robot costume, a smaller box for his head and spray painted them with silver paint. We hot glued gears and circuit board’s, belts and whatever else that my company was throwing out to both the front and back of the boxes after they were … Read more

Coolest Homemade Childs Avatar Na’vi Costume

Homemade Childs Avatar Na'vi Costume

After seeing Avatar my daughter decided she MUST be a Na’vi Princess for Halloween. This homemade childs Avatar Na’vi costume was fun to make. I hand-painted tights and a leotard with two shades of blue fabric paint for the stripes. I made the tail from floral wire and wrapped it with the sheet style stuffing … Read more

Cool Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Halloween Costume


This Stay Puft Marshmallow man Halloween costume wasn’t very difficult. The pants, I had to make, with a simple pattern, but made the waist huge, and with an elastic band that stretched. The top was a white sweatshirt. I made the blue handkerchief and tie. The hat is Styrofoam discs glued together, then I hollowed … Read more

Coolest Homemade Stay Puft Halloween Costume

Homemade Stay Puft Halloween Costume

My girlfriend had the idea to be Ghostbusters for Halloween. Instead of doing the normal tan jumpsuit and inflatable proton pack, we decided we would make everything we needed. We also decided to do Stay Puft instead of just a guy and girl Ghostbuster. We had seen some attempts at a Homemade Stay Puft Halloween … Read more

Coolest Ghostbusters Group Costume

Homemade Ghostbusters Group Costume

Who you gonna call? – Ghostbusters!!! This Homemade Ghostbusters Group Costume is a great costume idea for a group of five, especially if one guy has the right size to do the marshmallow-man. For the Ghostbusters costumes we took four regular worker’s overalls and bought some patches, Ghostbuster logos for the sleeves and one for … Read more

Coolest Ghostbuster Costume

Homemade Ghostbuster Costume

I never really got into dressing up for special occasions such as Halloween or parties until I started college. Well my friends were all excited about the upcoming Halloween and were all dressing up as the Batman villains, and I didn’t have an idea for a costume, then it hit me. I had always been … Read more

Original Homemade R2D2 Costume

Homemade R2D2 Costume

We had so much fun with this Homemade R2D2 Costume. My son wore a white sweatshirt and sweatpants underneath. The body of the costume is a white Rubber Maid trash can. The lid is painted with a high shine silver spray paint and allowed to dry. Then the lid is taped so that the swinging … Read more

Coolest Darth Maul Costume

Homemade Darth Maul Costume

Last year I made my son a Star Wars homemade Darth Maul costume and it cost me nothing. People of all ages (even those who were wearing store bought Darth Maul costumes) were in AWE of him! How I did it: He wore black sweatpants, his regular tennies, a black long sleeved shirt he had, … Read more

Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

Coolest Sharktopus Halloween Costume

I thought it was high time for a unique and totally different Halloween costume. So, this year I created my Sharktopus costume – half shark, half octopus! It was a big hit! I once saw a movie on Sci-Fi titled Sharktopus. Sci Fi geeks out there might remember it! Anyway, it inspired my Sharktopus Halloween … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume

Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume

I decided to try and make my own Homemade Spaceballs Dark Helmet Costume, and this is the result. The helmet was the hardest part. I started the helmet with a squirrel guard from a bird feeder, then built the sides and back out of aluminum flashing and rivets. The helmet was covered with fiberglass mat … Read more

Coolest Terminator 2 Costume

Coolest Terminator 2 Costume

This is my Terminator 2 costume/life-sized that I finally completed. This was the most difficult and time consuming creation to date, but the end results were well worth it! I have always been a huge fan of the movies, and thought nothing would be more “cool” that to actually become the Terminator. So after many … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yoda Costume

Homemade Yoda Costume

This homemade Yoda costume was actually a really easy and really cheap costume to make but ended up being quite effective. I bought a plain plastic mask from the costume shop (30p) and cut the bottom half of it off and built up layers of paper mache to form the ridges and shape of the … Read more

Coolest Miss Robot Costume

Robot Costume

Our 5 year old daughter wanted to be a robot for Halloween, so we went to work on her robot costume. Salvaged some left over foam-core board and cut it to a size to fit her. Purchased some dryer venting, battery operated flashing lights at the local thrift store ($20, yeah I could not resist), … Read more

Coolest Homemade Child Robot Costume

Coolest Homemade Child Robot Costume

This Homemade Child Robot Costume is made for my son Louis for his 7th birthday and inspired by “the iron giant”. It needed to have this “knight-out-of-space” impression. Two different types of silver material are used (tungsten and alloy). The material is glued to 20mm foam used for upholstery. The silver material is see-through and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Robot Halloween Costume

Homemade Robot Halloween Costume

This Homemade Robot Halloween Costume is an original design whose form was largely suggested by the materials we worked with. It was inspired in a general way by classic B-movie robots and George Eisner’s gorgeous illustrations for the Gang of Five tin toy repro packaging. My six-year-old son, Declan, also helped guide the design with … Read more

Cool Homemade Robot Costumes

Homemade Robot Costumes

We made these Homemade Robot Costumes out of cardboard and duct tape. The body is just cardboard cut, molded and covered with duct tape, then decorated with colored tape on top. The heads are construction hard hats with cardboard and duct tape with a few LED flashlights for the eyes and for backlighting. The final … Read more