Coolest Homemade Yoshi from Super Mario World Costume

Yoshi from Super Mario World Costume

I work in retail so any costume I came up with had to be family friendly. The initial plan was to be one of the Guinea Pigs from G-Force and up until about a month ago that was what I was going to be. Randomly one night while looking on line the idea to be … Read more

Coolest Bowser Homemade Costume

Homemade Bowser Costume

My son, who is six years old, loves Mario. Last year he was Mario, so this year he had to be Bowser. I made this Bowser costume myself. I was so happy to see that people knew who he was when trick or treating. He enjoyed it also and would give them a big roar … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Baby Link Halloween Costume Idea

I have been playing the Zelda games since I was a kid, so when my little blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy was born, I knew exactly what he would be for Halloween! For the underclothes, I used an Osh Kosh B’Gosh white turtleneck onesie over white baby tights from Target. For the tunic and hat, I bought … Read more

Coolest “Maria and Luigia” Costumes

Homemade "Maria and Luigia" Costumes

Everybody does a Mario and Luigi costume, but I thought how can I make it even better? First off…I made them female. Easy as taking a pair of shorts overalls and cutting out the inside part to make it skirts. (I would say that’s optional though) Then I thought, in the games the brothers are … Read more

Coolest Homemade Princess Peach Costume

Homemade Princess Peach Costume

To make the dress for my Princess Peach costume, I looked over many pictures of her online and noticed that her dress resembled a standard princess dress . So I bought a pattern for a Disney princess dress and then modified it into a likeness of Peach’s dress. I started with the pattern and bought … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mario Party Group Costume

Homemade Mario Party Group Costume

I made this Homemade Mario Party Group Costume for our annual visit to Disney’s Halloween time at Californian Adventure. My brother loves to play Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo game console (old school I the way to play) and I have wanted to make him a Yoshi costume for a while. So, better than … Read more

Coolest Link Costume

Homemade Link Costume

This Homemade Link Costume was made for my son for Halloween 2008. Link is by far his favorite character, and it suited him perfectly. Since this was made so long ago, I will just give you a quick run down of how I did this. The entire costume (vest, pants, shirt and shoe covers were … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mario Costume

Homemade Mario Costume

This Mario Costume was fairly easy to make, super cute and fairly cost effective! I found the hat pattern online, went to the fabric store and bought 1/2 yard of red fleece (that’s enough to make 2 hats, cost me $8.99 on sale) then went to the Dollar store and bought fun foam in red … Read more

Cool Mario Kart Group Costume

Homemade Mario Kart Group Costume

We are all in college and on a budget. We found boxes at the local hardware store and spray painted them and added foam wheels, numbers, and string to attach to our body. For Mario and Luigi we bought mens suspenders, colored tee shirt and base ball hats, we super glued foam letters on the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Female Mario and Luigi Costumes

Homemade Female Mario and Luigi Costumes

Every year at Halloween, we see tons of Marios and Luigis, dressed mostly in store-bought costumes. This year my best friend and I decided to go as Homemade Female Mario and Luigi Costumes, the female versions of these game characters. We tried to be as creative as we could with the costumes. The white shirts … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Family Costume

Homemade Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Family Costume

One of my children’s favorite video games is Mario Brothers, so that’s what they wanted to be for Halloween. The Homemade Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi Family Costume is pretty much the same, the only difference is the colors: Mario: red turtle neck and red baseball cap with the letter “M” Luigi: green turtleneck and green … Read more

Coolest Mario Costume

Homemade Mario Costume

It’s easier to dress up as Mario if you’re a guy. In my case, the added touch I used was that I tied my long black hair in a bun and hid it under my hat. The thing that made a huge difference was that I smeared mascara on my eyebrows to make them dark … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yellow Toad Child Costume Idea

Picture1: Homemade Yellow Toad Child Costume Idea

My son is a fan of the Super Mario games. One of his favorite characters is Toad, and his favorite color is yellow, so you can only imagine his excitement when he saw yellow Toads in Super Mario Galaxy. In 2010, he wanted to be a “Yellow Toad” (see Picture 2). There are regular Toad … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Child Costumes

Super Mario Child Costumes

These Super Mario Child Costumes were super easy & it was so nice to find a theme that my boys AND my girl could agree on. To start with I found a pepto-pink vintage dress at the thrift store & cut it down crudely to fit my daughter – I am really not a seamstress … Read more

Coolest Mario Brothers Halloween Costume

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costume

My wife and I needed an idea for Halloween couples and since our family plays video games together with our kids, we thought a Mario and Luigi Halloween costume would be good. Plus, the kids loved the costumes. I purchased all of the items from a Hancock fabric store (except the gloves and shirt, shoes) … Read more

Coolest Homemade Super Mario Brothers Office Costume

Homemade Super Mario Brothers Office Costume

My company holds a costume and area decorating contest every Halloween so my buddy Shawn and I decided to take this opportunity very seriously. We decided to go with a Mario Brother theme and go as Mario and Luigi and deck out our entire work area as the original Super Mario Brothers as released on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Little Mario Costume

Homemade Little Mario Costume

I love to make costumes for all 6 of my kids, my 4 year old loves a pillow & bag I made for him out of a Mario print, and playing Mario games. I try to make them with things I have on hand or can acquire – cost of new materials for this Homemade … Read more

Cool Mario and Luigi Costume

Mario and Luigi Costume

My boyfriend and his son were Mario and Luigi for Halloween. I bought the Luigi clothes from Wall-mart. I bought the Mario clothes from a childrens thrift store. I bought the hats from Wall-mart. They already owned the shoes, and the gloves were free from Albertson’s photo department. The hats were also from Wall-Mart. Luigi’s … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume

Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume

This year my sons wanted to do a Mario themed Halloween – and of course my 4 year old had to Bowser Jr. I was able to buy the Mario costume for my 6 year old and the Princess Peach for me (my husband was a poor sport and wouldn’t be anything) but the Bowser … Read more

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume

Coolest Bowser Jr. Costume 7

My 6 yr old son is obsessed with Bowser jr and this Halloween he chose a Homemade Bowser Jr. Costume. After days and days of searching the internet trying to find a Bowser jr costume to buy and finding none for sale I finally came to terms that it had to be made. I’m not … Read more