Coolest Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume

Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume

How did I think of this Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume? I have no idea. But it happened in the shower when I was lost in my mind thinking of random things from my life that I could be. When it hit me, I got out without drying off and drew the idea. The end result … Read more

Coolest Queen Elizabeth I Costume

Homemade Queen Elizabeth I Costume

I made this Homemade Queen Elizabeth I Costume for a costume party at work. The crown is made out of wire and paper mache with fake pearls and jewels hot glued onto it. The wisk is coat hangers covered in fabric and the rest of the costume is made of fabric. The front of the … Read more

Coolest Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume

Homemade McDonald's Group Costume

This Homemade McDonald’s Group Costume idea took hours to put together, but was worth every second! We won numerous costume contests and had SOOO much fun! My sister and I love to come up with obscure costumes and decided to involve our husbands and friend this year too! The entire idea started with the “bobby” … Read more

Coolest T-X Terminator Costume

Coolest T-X Terminator Costume

After countless days… weeks and months I finally decided to go through with my idea of doing T-X/Terminatrix (the female terminator in Terminator 3: rise of the machines). First, was figuring out the essence of the character: T-X was very plain when her “robot” self was not exposed- I decided to mix it up. The … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lighthouse Costume

Homemade Lighthouse Costume

My son Jordan decided he wanted to be a light house and instead of saying no, I said “SURE”! This was fun but tricky to make. I ended up building the frame with wire mesh cutting each peace out and then wiring them together with a stiff gauge wire. My hands got cut up pretty … Read more

Coolest DIY Lady Gaga Meat Dress Halloween Costume

DIY Lady Gaga Meat Dress Halloween Costume

I wanted to do something very original for Halloween this year, and when Lady Gaga wore the meat dress to the VMA’s this year, I thought it was the perfect costume idea. The DIY Lady Gaga meat dress Halloween costume took me about 3 weeks to finish, working about 1 to 2 hours on it … Read more

Coolest Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume

Green Giant Costume

The inception of this Green Giant and Sprout Couple Costume came quite innocently at a day of work in the drywall industry. In this field of work I wear all white clothing. On most days my job requires me to wear stilts to reach some of the work I have to do day to day. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Costume

Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Costume

I’ve made many Halloween costumes before, but when I decided this year to make the Where the Wild Things Are costume, I was not really sure what I was getting into. I knew it was going to be larger and more elaborate than anything I had built before. I made this decision a little more … Read more

Coolest Homemade Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume

Homemade Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume

I wanted to be fantasy type warriors for Halloween, just one problem!! I couldn’t find anything cool enough or close to what I had designed in my head. So I decided to make a Fantasy Warrior Chic Costume, & it turned out AWESOME! (in my opinion I started with some faux leather fabric, about … Read more