Coolest Homemade Shera Costume

Coolest Homemade Shera Costume

I dressed up as Shera when I was little. One Halloween, a long long long time ago, my brother and I dressed up as He-man and Shera (it was perfect since they were brother and sister in the show). I remember it so well because of how sad my costume was. I had a white … Read more

Coolest He Man and She-Ra Couple Costume

Homemade He Man and She-Ra Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I decided to be a Homemade He Man and She-Ra Couple Costume. We both made our own costume, in our own time! Mine took me a few months, his he whipped up in a few days. They both came out way better than expected!!

Coolest He-Man and She-Ra Costumes

She-Ra and He-Man

For my birthday I wanted a superhero themed night so my brother and I came up with the ultimate brother/sister combo of She-Ra and He-Man costume. He bought a muscle man outfit which was only the muscles then added the body harness and fur etc. I used a plain white dress to add the detail … Read more

Coolest Homemade Catra Costume

omemade Catra Halloween Costume

My birthday party theme was ‘Comic Book & Cartoon Characters’ this year. I chose this theme mainly because I’ve always wanted to dress as Catra from the She-Ra cartoon series. You may not remember Catra, but she took command as Force Captain for the Evil Horde on Etheria when Adora (aka She-Ra Princess of Power) … Read more