Coolest Superman Phone Booth

Superman and Phone Booth Costume

I wanted to share my costume with my son, so we decided to be Superman and coming out of a phone booth. I made the costume out of a wardrobe box. It comes complete with Clark Kent dress shirt and glasses, a public phone with phone cord (in the rear), and a crinkled front page … Read more

Coolest Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

This Wonder Woman Halloween costume was easy to make! I purchased all articles of clothing for this outfit from a used clothing store. The bottoms were made from the bottom of a bathing suit. The silver stars (and red stars on my gold accessories) I found at a dollar store and glue gunned them onto … Read more

Coolest Wonder Woman Swim Costume

Homemade Wonder Woman Swim Costume

Get It Wet! This Fun2Wear Homemade Wonder Woman Swim Costume is an extremely complex and stunning re-creation. The costume includes a headband, bracelets, utility belt, cape, basque, and panties. It was a labor of love, nine months in the making, and more hand work and challenges than I had originally anticipated. My Fun2Wear Wonder Woman … Read more

Coolest Batman and Batcycle Costume

Homemade Batman and Batcycle Costume

Jacob, my 4 yr old, is Batman here… I made his bat utility belt out of card board and duct tape. You can make interactive boxes for storing a cable for climbing and Velcro items like spy glasses so he can use them. The Bat cycle is made of cardboard and duct tape completely. There … Read more

Coolest Clark Kent Halloween Costume

This looks like a job for...

This year, our 4-year-old wanted to be Clark Kent and so the quest began. However, after analyzing what we needed, it ended up being rather easy and the result was great. In the end, all we needed was a pair of plastic glasses and a hat, because we already had a suit (for church) and … Read more

Coolest Wonder Woman Girl Costume

Homemade Wonder Woman Girl Costume

My five year old daughter wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween and I just wasn’t happy with the “super hero” knock-off patterns I was able to find. For this Wonder Woman Girl Costume I started with a basic ice skating leotard pattern and then altered it to become Wonder Woman. I used stretch Lycra … Read more

Coolest Wonder Woman Costume

Coolest Wonder Woman Costume 34

Well, this year I wanted to dress up as Wonder Woman but it was a lil expensive for the costume, so I started brainstorming and decided to make my own Wonder Woman Costume. I went to a fabric shop and bought pretty blue and gold fabric, foamy white, and a glittery red and yellow. I … Read more

Coolest Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

Homemade Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

The Robin costume was made from thrift store items. This involved many trips to countless stores to find the right items to fit my son. There were many tears shed with tired kids in the carts and lots of begging every time we past the toy section. It’s amazing how hard it was to find … Read more

Coolest Superman Costume

Homemade Superman Costume

My son loves Superheroes and so I dressed him in a Superman costume for Halloween. I used blue thermal pjs, red underwear, and red socks – most of which I already had. I had trouble finding red boots (hence the reason for the red socks), but I did happen to find some red rubber sandals … Read more

DIY Wonder Woman Costume

Homemade  Wonder Woman Costume

I made this entire Wonder Woman Costume by hand except for my bra, my skirt, and my boots. I used my bra, which was purchased at Torrid, to attach the silk for the top which I hand painted. The skirt was purchased at a second hand store. It is actually a bathing suit bottom, which … Read more

Hand-Crafted Wonder Woman Costume

Coolest Wonder Woman Costume 35

I looked online and in Halloween stores for ages and couldn’t find a decent fitting Wonder Woman costume for sale that was affordable, so I decided to make my own. I started with the bottoms, and bought some blue spandex shorts. I then toyed with the idea of how to make the stars, and decided … Read more

Coolest Batman Costume

Homemade Batman Costume

I put together this Batman costume for a relatively small investment of about a hundred bucks. The mask is a party store knock off which I slit up the back and put in laces to get a more snug fit. The belt is made of cigarette cases and wired together on a ladies belt all … Read more

Coolest Homemade Clark Kent Costume

Homemade Clark Kent Costume

Clark Kent is the lazy man’s go to costume? Suit, t-shirt, glasses and you are there. To do it one better, I decided to base the Homemade Clark Kent Costume on a particular comic book frame of Clark Kent running through an office storage room with the tie flapping behind him. The tie is held … Read more

Coolest Homemade Wonder Woman Toddler Costume

Homemade Wonder Woman Toddler Costume

This Homemade Wonder Woman Toddler Costume is made from luxurious Nylon/Lycra fabric that allows ease in fit. Hand appliqued eagle on top with rhinestone eye. Bottoms are royal blue nylon/lycra fabric. Tiara made with double interfaced gold metallic fabric and adorned with red PVC hand-appliqued star and fastens with Velcro to adjust fit. Belt and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume

Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume

My 2 year old son has become obsessed with Monster Jam trucks in the last few months and so I decided that for Halloween this year he should be his favorite Monster truck which is Batman. To make the Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume the following materials are needed: 1 — Hot wheel monster truck … Read more

Coolest Homemade Clark Kent Boy’s Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Clark Kent Boy's Halloween Costume Idea

My son’s school only allows “career-themed dress-up” for Halloween at school. So, instead of having to do 2 costumes, we went with one idea and spruced it up for Trick-or-Treating! For Career Day, he was an attorney. We had a nice suit on hand with a white button-down shirt, tie, & dress shoes. I also … Read more

Cool Homemade Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Homemade Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

The idea to create a Homemade Wonder Woman Halloween Costume came about because I really wanted to dress up but did not want to buy a costume. I looked in this web page “Coolest Homemade Costumes” for ideas and found some pretty good insight. I looked at home and found a red dress, which I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dark Knight Batman Costume

Homemade Dark Knight Batman Costume

This is my entirely homemade 2009 Dark Knight Batman costume. The main materials used in the making of this costume are paper, fiberglass and aluminum. The cowl is a paper base that is siliconed together with several layers of fiberglass resin to make the cowl hard. It is finished with bondo and a latex flat … Read more

Coolest Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Women Costume

My brother, who is the one dressed as Batman, is a huge Batman and Robin fan. He had read in wizard magazine about a contest for homemade costumes and he wanted to enter it. First it started as him and my son Blake, as Robin, then be talked me into being Wonder Woman. We thought … Read more

Coolest Handmade Wonder Woman Homemade Costume

Coolest Handmade Wonder Woman Costume

For a production I do, in order to get everyone excited some of us were asked to come dressed as superheroes. After looking on this very website for inspiration I decided on a Handmade Wonder Woman Costume. To make it I simply went out and bought a target red corset and high waisted blue underwear … Read more