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1000+ Awesome Contest-Winning Halloween Costume Ideas

This is an amazing resource of Halloween costume ideas. All these costumes have won a local contest, and for good reason! Imaginative and extremely effective, you will find yourself returning to this section over and over again.

A little sample of what you will see here include everything from a mini Mr. T to a pop art version of a Stepford Wife. In addition, many costumes take their inspiration from game shows such as Wheel of Fortune and Plinko.

It seems like people have a lot of fun recreating their favorite movie characters. Considering so many of them won contests, it’s a favorite of contest judges as well. Find out how you can become Ben Stiller’s character from Dodgeball and the whole gang from Guardians of the Galaxy. Animated movies are represented here as well from Disney princesses to Rafiki from The Lion King.

Take lessons from the masters as they take concepts and turn them into recognizable costumes, hence landing them contest winner titles!

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