Coolest Handmade Wonder Woman Costume

I've always wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. I told myself if I could get to my goal weight which would mean loosing 80lbs, I could be Won

I’ve always wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. I told myself if I could get to my goal weight which would mean loosing 80lbs, I could be Wonder Woman! It took me over a year to loose the weight but soon as I did I began my quest for a Wonder Woman costume that … Read more

Coolest Home Made Car Costume

I was so much tensed for my son\'s fancy Dress.It was his first time he is just 2 years old. I really wanted to do something very intresting and wh

I was so tensed for my son ‘s fancy dress. It was his first time, he is just 2 years old. I really wanted to do something very interesting and which took an effort to do. I even had searched it on internet. Finally I found this site and got an idea to do. So I … Read more

The Four Seasons Group Costume

My friends & I ADORE Halloween, it’s that time of the year that you can be a big kid again and no one judges! We were looking for something original to do and were brainstorming for weeks when we hit upon the Sugababes “Change” video.  We all wanted the basis of our costumes to be … Read more

Coolest Soda Pop Can Group Costume

This year, as juniors in our high school, we decided to do something special. We are a group of eleven girls and we had this idea since like summer. Every year, our school has Halloween costume contest. We decided to participate in the group category. We chose a weekend and all the girls came to … Read more

Coolest Grinch DIY Costume

Coolest Grinch Costume

My daughter’s school has a themed Halloween. This year it was Dr. Seuss or Alice in Wonderland. We decided to take on the challenge of Dr. Seuss classic Grinch. The pants are green leggings with green crochet yarn fabric glued to the pants. The top is a long sleeve red shirt with white faux fur … Read more

Coolest Kiss Costume

After renting costumes last year as the three little pigs and winning, we had to go over the top and create this years Halloween costumes. So we decided to go as the legendary KISS. Myself and three of my buddies gathered different items to create these unbelievable costumes and won for the 2nd year in … Read more

Coolest Charlie Brown and Gang Group Costumes

We made these costumes for a Christmas parade in Mt. Pleasant Tennessee. We also made Snoopy’s Dog house, Lucy’s Psych booth and Schroeder’s Piano. We won first place overall and first place for a church. The heads are papier mache, Luc’s dress is a XX-large T-shirt with a ruffle sewn to the bottom and buttons … Read more

Coolest Hand-Made Rainbow Brite Costume

My friend was having a 1980’s themed fancy dress party for her 30th birthday and I KNEW I had to go as Rainbow Brite (I was born to play that role!).  I checked out the Rainbow Brite costumes online, but they were very expensive and a bit tacky-looking, so I decided to make my own. … Read more

Coolest Homer Simpson Costume

Me and my friend were playing around with some chicken wire for masks for Halloween 2006 when I realized the shape I had made looked like Homer’s head. From then on, he was my target. I used papier-mâché to cover the chicken wire frame, painted it, and put on some black string for the hair. … Read more

Cool Homemade Glow in the Dark Costume Idea

Coolest Homemade Glow in the Dark Costume Ideas

You could hear laughter from blocks away “Wow! Look at the stick person!” Every person at every home we visited for treats had to see what the glowing costume was made of. And when we’d turn to leave and the host or hostess would catch a glimpse of the costume’s backside they would laugh hysterically. … Read more

Original Homemade Homer and Marge Simpson Couple Costume

Homemade Homer and Marge Simpson Couple Costume

My husband and I were a Homemade Homer and Marge Simpson Couple Costume. This was a last minute costume that won a costume contest amongst our group of friends. Marge: I got a bee hive wig and spray painted it blue. I got my orange necklace at Target and the green dress on the clearance … Read more

Coolest Mario Brothers Halloween Costume

Mario and Luigi Halloween Costume

My wife and I needed an idea for Halloween couples and since our family plays video games together with our kids, we thought a Mario and Luigi Halloween costume would be good. Plus, the kids loved the costumes. I purchased all of the items from a Hancock fabric store (except the gloves and shirt, shoes) … Read more