Cool Spaceballs Costumes

Spaceballs Costume

This Spaceball costume is a homemade costume put together after scouring thrift stores, shopping online, and crafting stuff ourselves. Dark Helmet’s Helmet (though it’s hard to see in pics) was made from a planter and hand-painted, Barf’s name tag actually has Barf embroidered on it, and Dot has a light-up LED”Virgin Alert” and is on … Read more

Coolest Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume

A group of eight young women decided to transform themselves into a Homemade Magic School Bus Group Halloween Costume for Halloween. We acquired eight boxes and a ton of yellow paint. We painted the outside of all the boxes yellow, with black stripes and wrote “Magic School Bus” across the side of all four. The … Read more

Coolest Mario Bros Group Costume

Homemade Mario Bros Group Costume

We decided to do an easy group costume with Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. We found men’s tshirts, gym short and white leggings in the colors we needed. The we found matching tan hats and dyed them ourselves. We took color duck tape to create fake suspenders (Waluigi’s is backwards). We cut float paper for … Read more

Coolest Crayola Crayons Homemade Costume

Crayola Crayons Costume

My roommates and I decided that we did not want to be a store bought regular costume. We bought black felt fabric and the specific colors we wanted from the local fabric store and picked up the felt and Velcro. We also printed out the name CRAYOLA from a website and used it as a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes

Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes

These Homemade Crayola Crayons Costumes were very inexpensive but fun, cute and easy costumes to create! We went to a local fabric store and bought about a yard each of whichever color we wanted to be and about two yards of black felt just to be safe. We then took each color felt and sewed … Read more

Coolest Homemade Glowing Jellyfish Costumes

Homemade Glowing Jellyfish Costumes

My daughter has started school and is loving learning about animals. Her favorite is the jellyfish so I thought why not let me try to make Glowing Jellyfish costumes for her and her cousins. Things needed: Sombrero or hat Tack board bubble tape shredded Mylar (gift bag filler – iridescent) battery powered LED lights (white … Read more