Coolest Homemade Dazed and Confused Group Costume

Homemade Dazed and Confused Group Costume

Dazed and Confused has been a favorite movie of mine since Jr. High. While looking through this site I found the D&C page and instantly wanted to do it! My friend and I went as Senior Girls and our husbands went as Wooderson and Slater, respectively. Here’s how we created this homemade Dazed and Confused … Read more

Coolest Hand-Crafted Wizard of Oz Group Costumes

Homemade Wizard of Oz Group Costume

There was actually 12 of us all of us, different characters from Wizard of Oz but I cant find that picture of the Wizard of Oz Group Costume right now. I made the wicked witch just using a Simplicity pattern. The little flower munchkin was also from a pattern. For the lollipop guild I found … Read more

Coolest Homemade Super Mario Group Halloween Costume

Homemade Super Mario Group Halloween Costume

Our 5-year old daughter loves Super Mario, so we decided to go as a group. I made the Toad hats by sewing 2 round pieces of fleece together, then cutting a hole in the bottom for the head. I used a piece of craft mesh (it’s kind of like a screen door but stiffer) stuffed … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pac Man Group Costume

Homemade Pac Man Group Costume

My brother and I made this Pac Man Group Costume from cardboard boxes and spray paint. First we drew a grid of pixels on the cardboard and then traced the actual dimensions pixel by pixel of the ghosts and Pac Man onto the cardboard. We then cut out 2 pieces per costume and spray painted … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crayon Group Costume

Homemade Crayon Costume

We actually got this idea from this site but it’s always helpful to have more pictures to guide you in the costume making process. We basically bought some fabric and (since none of us can sew) super-glued Velcro on to the back to make tube top dresses and then cut out the logo and the … Read more

Coolest Circus Freak Group Costume

Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume

Here are the instructions to make a Homemade Circus Freak Group Costume. Ringmaster: Thrifted blazer cut so it had “tails” in back, added fringe and a bustle made from a thrifted skirt. Skirt made from a thrifted dress, added gold ruffle. Handmade bow tie on elastic strap. Purchased top hat on a headband and added … Read more