Awesome Homemade Cereal Mascot Group Costumes

I found the Toucan Sam and Captain Crunch jacket at the thrift store and got my inspiration there. The Tony the Tiger costume is a Broncos sweatshirt with fake fur and black duck tape. The pants are also black duck tape. All items are thrift store bought except a few things. We were quite the … Read more

Fun Homemade Trophy Costumes for a Group

This costume cost about $80 – $100 to make for 8 people. We bought 18 cans of gold metallic spray paint, yellow hair spray, gold metallic latex paint from walmart, rubber gloves and each of us supplied our own old clothes and props. We then painted everything gold. On the day of we painted our … Read more

Awesome Homemade Space Themed Family Costumes

spaced themed family costumes

This year our son’s school requested for peaceful costumes of someone from history that made a difference in our lives. He has shown a lot of interest in rocket ships and space lately so he chose to be an astronaut. Our space themed family costumes revolve around his love for space. Materials Most of the materials … Read more

Awesome Homemade Itsy Bitsy Spider Family Halloween Costumes

family halloween costumes

We have been dressing up as a family for the last 8 years and have so much fun every year coming up with family Halloween costumes that will fit our family size for its characters. Each year we go for a theme that is not over-done, something recognizable and doesn’t require much explanation, something original, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Family Camping Costumes

family camping costumes

The Idea for our Family Camping Costumes Our family loves camping and it is our dream to one day have a cute vintage trailer of our own! So we became our own campsite with these family camping costumes. Constructing the Trailer I started by googling vintage trailers. We LOVE the Shasta design so that is what … Read more

Coolest Family Star Wars Costumes for Halloween

star wars costumes for halloween

Idea for Star Wars Costumes for Halloween After seeing the movie “The Force Awakens” my older daughter knew she wanted to dress up as Rey. So, we all decided to go with Star Wars costumes for Halloween! Making the Princess Leia Costume I made Leia’s robe by first making a loose pattern on an old … Read more

Coolest DIY SpongeBob Halloween Costumes

spongebob halloween costumes

Our family Trick or Treats for the local Food Pantry and I hand make our costumes every year. My daughter loved this show growing up and really wanted to do these SpongeBob Halloween costumes. One of my daughters was SpongeBob, my other daughter was Patrick, I was Mr. Crab and we had our cat dressed as … Read more

Coolest Baby Beetlejuice Costume

baby Beetlejuice costume

I always knew that when it came time for my kid to dress up on Halloween, it would always be go all in, go big, or go home. We’re not a standard family and are always trying to push the limits with our imaginations! Since I have such a love for Beetlejuice and it’s one of … Read more

Cool Back To the Future Family Costumes

Cool Back To the Future Family Costumes

This was a labor of love and insanity, but surprisingly not too difficult. the marty costume was mainly things I had (except the vest – which I bought – but its a functional item that can be reused so I didnt feel bad) The Marty costume was mainly things I had, except for the vest, which … Read more

Amazing Homemade Beetlejuice Costumes

Amazing Homemade Beetlejuice Costumes

I am an avid Goodwill shopper so I was looking in the dress section for something cute in January and came across this dress in my exact size!! As soon as I saw it I thought it looked EXACTLY like the Beetlejuice dress so I knew I had to figure out a way to make … Read more

Coolest Flintstones Family and Car Costume

Coolest Flintstones Family and Car Costume

Having kids seems to have rejuvenated my inner-child and rather than buy our Halloween costumes, I’ve gotten the bug to create them the last few years, and hopefully provide them with lasting memories along the way. A couple of years ago we did our “Sidey’s Pest Control” Mouse Trap costume, followed by our “Chips + … Read more

Cool Cat Group Costume

Cool Cat Group Costume

These are our cats dressed up. Every single person who saw our cats in their cat costumes loved it, not just the details but just amazed that we were able to get our cats to dress up. Our cats are very well trained and have good temperaments. They are used to being dressed, Every one … Read more