Coolest Baby Sumo Costume

Homemade Baby Sumo Costume

My son was still pretty chunky on his second Halloween, and while he was walking around in his diaper one day the idea of a sumo wrestler came to me. I couldn’t just put him in a diaper and let him run around outside in October, though; he’d be cold, and that would just be … Read more

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

My daughter came home from preschool one day singing “Farmer in the Dell” and the idea just clicked. My husband works on computers and Dell is a well known name in our house so this Farmer In The Dell Costume was just too funny. I started out by cutting a circle in the top of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bird Costume

Homemade Bird Costume

This Homemade Bird Costume took about 8 months to make. I started with a plain white bustier, a tablecloth, and a huge white sweatshirt. The table cloth served as a base for my wings, which I then covered with felt and sweatshirt “feather” cut outs (most of these were either sequined or dipped in glitter.) … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peanut Butter and Jam Halloween Couple Costume

Homemade Peanut Butter and Jam Halloween Couple Costume

Creating this Homemade Peanut Butter and Jam Halloween Couple Costume was a bit of a challenge. First finding the foam (which was a camping mattress) and then cutting it to shape using knives. To wear the bread we had to slice into the foam and tunnel in straps so it wouldn’t be seen form the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bingo Costume

Homemade Bingo Costume

A casino that we often go to was holding a costume contest and the grand prize was a thousand dollars. I was pregnant at the time so we wanted to come up with something original, not the same ol “bun in the oven” thing. So my husband is very crafty and he came up with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume

At almost eight months pregnant, I was forced to get creative to come up with a unique costume that would showcase my growing belly and not try to hide it, so I made this Homemade Pregnant Pumpkin Farmer Halloween Costume . First, I took an old pair of overalls and carefully measured and cut a … Read more

Coolest Haunted House Homemade Costume

Homemade Haunted House Costume

Check out the Coolest Homemade Haunted House on YouTube: Our 8 year old helped make the ULTIMATE Homemade Haunted House Costume to complete our family’s Haunted theme this Halloween. Completely homemade, this walking house of fright, has strobe; black and other battery operated lights illuminating its’ wicked paper mache tree, various clay-made creatures, and “stained” … Read more

Coolest Presidential Baby Stroller Costume

Homemade Presidential Baby Stroller Costume

First drape the stroller in black cloth or dark navy. You can print out the signs for “The White House” and “Presidential Seal”. Take a piece of sturdy cardboard that you can zip tie to the stroller. This will serve as the podium. You can use a wand from an unused sprayer to serve as … Read more

Awesome Homemade Smurfs Group Costume

Smurfs Costume

As with any kid who grew up in the 80’s I was a fan of the Smurfs and what better way to pay tribute to the classic cartoon than to be dressed in the Smurfs costume. As you can see we have Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy smurf and Taylor smurf. All of the pants for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Handmade Beetlejuice Carousel and Hammerhands Costume

Here’s a costume I started in 2006 and finally finished in 2008. I’ve worn it on two Halloween nights and the response has been awesome – for which I am very grateful! The kids just love it because the carousel lights up and rotates, plus the hammer hands are really long and huge…I’m like a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Darkness Costume from Legend

Homemade Darkness Costume from Legend

This Homemade Darkness Costume from Legend was my second attempt at creating this iconic movie monster; Darkness from “Legend”, a fantasy movie from the 80’s starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. Looking back at my previous effort, I must say this one came out much better. I learned a great deal from Halloweens and conventions … Read more

Coolest Yo Gabba Gabba Homemade Costume

Plex - Yellow Robot from Yo Gabba Gabba

My son decided for this Halloween, he wanted to go as one of his favorite television characters – Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. While we were in our local home repair center, we came across some concrete forming tubes – giant cardboard tubes about 4 foot long and 12 inches in diameter. PERFECT! After a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Las Vegas Costume

Homemade Las Vegas Costume

For the last few years, it seems like my Halloween costume has consistently been getting larger and more outrageous than the year before. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO OF THE COSTUME IN ACTION: I LOVE Las Vegas and take several trips a year out there, so I decided there could be no better way to honor … Read more

Coolest VB Spartan Warrior

Homemade VB Spartan Warrior

This VB Spartan Warrior is a suit I made from VB cartons (Aussie beer). It took me a while to make but I was happy with it. I just asked the guy at the Bottlo to keep all the empty cartons for me and I ended up with about 30 cartons to play around with. … Read more

Coolest Jurrasic Park Dinosaur Costume

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Costume

This is my Jurrasic Park Dinosaur costume from Jurassic Park movie I made for my Son Joshua. I started with some black foam pad used for upholstery. I shaped the head first sculpting the contours and used yellow foam for the teeth and half a yellow plastic Easter egg for the eyes. You can put … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bumble Captures Yukon Cornelious Costume

Homemade Bumble Captures Yukon Cornelious Costume

Hi there, I usually make a very unique (and complicated) costume every year, but recently took a couple years off, (due to a new baby and work). So this year I decided to step it up a notch and even top the last “illusion” costumes I made in previous years. I came up with the … Read more

Cutest Snowglobe Costume

Homemade Snowglobe Costume

This Homemade Snowglobe Costume is the cutest snow globe from Hawaii that you have ever seen. My daughter collects snow globes from all over the world, so what better than to turn her into one? We chose a nice tropical place so she could be a cute hula girl. Two costumes for the price of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bowling Costume Idea

Homemade Bowling Costume Idea

I made this Homemade Bowling Costume Idea in about 8 hours with the help of my Son Caleb. The costume consist of 8 bowling pins, lots of rigid wire, a foam core board and Balsa wood. The idea came from my warehouse manager. But I had to use my imagination as to make it work … Read more

Coolest Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume: To make it, you have to find some big signs, it can be a cardboard. It just needs to be flat and rough. Then, buy some bright yellow paper. You can paint it too. After that, draw or paint a big black lign. You can also had a little sign where it’s … Read more