Amazing Homemade Jack in the Box Costume

Amazing Homemade Jack in the Box Costume

My 15 year old Autistic son Zach hates store bought costumes and challenges me every year with his ideas. This years was the biggest undertaking yet. He wanted to be a Zack-In-The-Box!  He wanted it to have a lid that closed and an actual working handle. I explained to him that I was not an … Read more

Awesome Homemade Realistic Swedish Fish Costume

swedish fish costume

This year we got the idea to make a homemade Swedish Fish costume complete in the bag because we had never seen anything like it before.  Plus, who doesn’t love this delicious candy? Making the Swedish Fish Costume The interior body of the fish started out with a red sweatsuit and red gloves.  I sewed … Read more

Awesome Homemade Fantasia Centaurette Costume

fantasia centaurette costume

My daughter Giselle is responsible for dreaming this Fantasia Centaurette costume up! Giselle has slight sensory processing challenges that over the years has led to very selective screen time. The high drama and battles of most Disney movies overwhelm her, without fail. We try to find movies to cuddle and watch together. And more often … Read more

Awesome Marionette and Wind-Up Doll Couples Costumes for Halloween

couples costumes for halloween

These couples costumes for Halloween were inspired by a vintage wind-up doll I saw in the window of an antique store. I initially thought to complement my wife as a Ventriloquist Dummy, but decided that they are too creepy and that a marionette had a sweeter appearance. Our costumes were a big hit at the … Read more

Incredible Homemade Light Up Jellyfish Costume

Jelly Fish at home

I made this for work. I work with patients in the dark so I was looking for ways to glow brighter with them. I looked up light costumes and saw some basic jelly fish costumes with umbrellas and lights and went with the idea. It was pretty easy. I used pink bubble wrap and fabric, … Read more

Awesomely Unique Homemade Halloween Costume

unique homemade halloween costume

I’ve always wanted to be something whimsical, yet creepy. The idea was always there and this Halloween I was able to make my imaginative Keeper of the Forest character come to life! This unique homemade Halloween costume took quite some time to complete (too many hours to count haha). But the end result I was … Read more

Amazingly Cool Homemade Divine Costume From Pink Flamingos

THe costume in all its glory!

I’ve wanted to be Divine from the film Pink Flamingos for many years and this year I decided it was time. I started with the wig. It was originally A POODLE WIG I picked up off Amazon. I combed out the pigtails and reshaped the “bump”. The wig was cut and the roots were added … Read more

Insanely Awesome Homemade Yukon Cornelius Costume

yukon cornelius costume

Hello, my name is Stephen Simantiras and I am an Industrial designer from Morristown, NJ. I love designing and building a new Halloween costume every year that challenges my skills and knowledge of materials and different processes. Consequently, here is how I came to make this Yukon Cornelius costume. Growing up during the Christmas season meant … Read more

Awesome DIY Rainbow Brite and Sprite Costumes

rainbow brite and sprite costumes

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. My best friend and I decided to make her and her pet sprite, Twink. So we spent the last month figuring out how to make and making these fun and colorful costumes. Here are some of the details on how we put these bright … Read more

Awesome Bag of Jelly Belly Beans DIY Dog Costume

DIY dog costume

Jelly Beans DIY Dog Costume Materials -Water balloons (I used all 3 primary colors) -Many colors of paint -Mod podge (shiny finish) -Clear plastic bag -Clear packing tape -Red ribbon -Stiff felt (in red and yellow) for Jelly Belly logo -Red felt and cardboard for hat Steps to Making the DIY Dog Costume I find food … Read more

Delicious Homemade Mac N Cheese Costume


My son is a HUGE Mac N Cheese lover, if it was up to him he would eat it day and night. My husband and I often joke that he will turn into Mac N Cheese if he eats anymore, and voila there was our idea. The costume is made up of toilet paper rolls, … Read more

Adorable Homemade Animal Crackers Costume for Twin Babies

animal crackers costume

I wanted to make a costume for our 20 month old twin boys that would allow them to stay seated. We have 3 other kids and keeping track of 5 is difficult when trick or treating! After many hours of brainstorming, I decided to make them into a giant animal crackers costume box! Creating our … Read more

Epic Homemade Top Gun F-14 Tomcat Costume

This was an idea based off  a few pictures that were seen online.  We had a wagon, some scrap wood a few things of paint and we decided to just do it. With 5 days until Halloween when we really got started we sure did spend a few long nights working on it.  As the … Read more

Stunning Homemade Jellyfish Costume

Glowing at night

My daughter and I were watching Finding Nemo and as soon as she saw the part that Dory and Nemo jump on the tops of the jellyfish, she decided she wanted to be a jellyfish for Halloween.  She wanted to use a clear umbrella as the base but we decided that a hat style might … Read more

Stunning Homemade Adult Corpse Bride Costume

adult corpse bride costume

Adult Corpse Bride Costume So my favorite part of the Corpse Bride Movie is when Emily turns into a butterfly and goes to heaven. So I wanted to make the dress disintegrate in to butterflies but I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I just added the butterflies and lights to represent the … Read more

Awesome Homemade Huge T-Rex Costume

I built a 13′ long 7′ tall T-Rex costume after being inspired by classic Jurassic Park and a YouTube video where a dinosaur scares people coming elevators. It has an aluminum backpack and neck linkage system. That allows me to control the head (twist/nod/pan) with handlebars inside. Bike cables allow me to chomp the mouth. … Read more

Awesome Homemade 9 Costume With Detailed DIY Instructions

9 costume

When I finally decided that I would make a 9 costume, I was a bit nervous about it. I like to pick characters that I think will be fun and challenging. But when I shared my idea with some family and friends, I was shocked that nobody knew who 9 was. I was afraid that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Toddler Pippi Longstocking Costume With Pirate Ship

toddler pippi longstocking costume

As a redhead myself with years of experience portraying Pippi Longstocking for Halloween, it was only fitting to pass down my throne/braids to my first born daughter, Quincy. At 13 months, her spunky optimism and personality makes her a real-life Pippi. A true natural for a toddler Pippi Longstocking costume. Toddler Pippi Longstocking  Costume Creating … Read more

Stunning Raven Costume Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem

raven costume

This is me in the picture. I wanted to be the raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem. I created this homemade raven costume myself from scratch. It is mostly out of satin with lots of lace trim, rooster feathers, and leather. Due to the fact that I was going for a little historical accuracy, … Read more

Amazing Homemade King Tut Costume

I have been making my son’s Halloween costumes since he was a baby. Every year we think about what he should be. And, every year it gets more challenging and exciting. This year we decided on King Tut after reading some books on ancient Egyptian history. My son loved the story of King Tut being … Read more

Awesome Homemade Futurama Bender Costume

bender costume

My 9 year old son was determined to have a Bender costume for Halloween. In addition, he had a lot of input as to how he wanted his costume designed. It took approximately 15 to 20 hours to make over a two month period. Bender made his debut in the Atlanta Five Points Halloween Parade, … Read more

Awesome Homemade Space Themed Family Costumes

spaced themed family costumes

This year our son’s school requested for peaceful costumes of someone from history that made a difference in our lives. He has shown a lot of interest in rocket ships and space lately so he chose to be an astronaut. Our space themed family costumes revolve around his love for space. Materials Most of the materials … Read more

Stunning Homemade Kids Peacock Halloween Costume

kids peacock halloween costume

Deciding on a Homemade Costume My Daughter originally wanted to be a spider, but suddenly changed her mind to a kids peacock Halloween costume.  Obviously, I was more thrilled over needing to do a peacock. It was much better than worrying about spider arms.  She told me what she wanted and I did my best to … Read more

Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Ellen Degeneres Costume

ellen degeneres costume

I made this Ellen Degeneres costume for My husband and my 10th annual Halloween party. Our parties are so much fun because our friends do an amazing job with costumes. We pick a different theme every year- Vegas, SNL, Atlanta (where we live), Sci-fi/B-movies, etc. This year our theme was Politically Incorrect- seemed appropriate with … Read more