Coolest Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Garden Gnome Costumes

Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Garden Gnome Costumes

After weeks of debate, my husband and I finally agreed on the perfect “couple” costume – Homemade Mr. and Mrs. Garden Gnome Costumes. We had an absolute blast making our costumes together too! Our costume-making adventure began with a trip to the local second-hand stores where we found the base outfits. For me – a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume

Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume

Halloween used to be a time to be scary, but now-a-days humor seems to be more and more prevalent around the last day of October. With me and my friends we are always trying to be unique and creative when it comes to costumes, and none of us settle for buying a pre-made costume. Trying … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume

Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume

I have been making a chain from Starburst wrappers for years and finally decided to put it to good use so I made a Homemade Lady of Starburst Costume to feature it. I decided to make a flappers dress using more wrappers. I flat ironed each wrapper and then hot glued them to a terry … Read more

Coolest Tennis Player Costume

Wrecked Tennis Player

For the last five years I have been creating walking illusion costumes and this year, I did it again. I created the “Wrecked Tennis Player”. The best thing of this costume, was that it wasn’t heavy and bulky like the ones that I have made before. I took an old tennis racket that I had … Read more

Coolest Homemade Car Engine Costume

Homemade Car Engine Costume

Our Nine year old son came up with the idea for this Car Engine Costume and the whole family kind of ran with it. We started with a large box donated by a local store, next we laid out the arm and head holes to fit his size. We used plastic water bottles for the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yard Art Group Costume

Homemade Yard Art Group Costume

My best friends and I did a Homemade Yard Art Group Costume for Halloween this year and posed in a yard for pictures at a Halloween party! From left to right we were: a flamingo, a peeing cherub fountain, a garden gnome, and a pinwheel. The flamingo was created from pink cotton fabric, elastic sewn … Read more

Coolest Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume

Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume

How did I think of this Homemade Dinosaur Diorama Costume? I have no idea. But it happened in the shower when I was lost in my mind thinking of random things from my life that I could be. When it hit me, I got out without drying off and drew the idea. The end result … Read more

Coolest Foam Finger Costume

Coolest Foam Finger Costume

I am a sports fanatic (especially Lakers) and decided being a foam finger would be a fun, unique costume! I went to my local craft store and bought 2 huge rolls of foam (each 72″x24″x2″), 16 oz of bright yellow acrylic paint, and 4 oz of purple paint. I bought contact cement at the hardware … Read more

Coolest Fish Tank Costume

Homemade Fish Tank Costume

One fish. Two Fish. Red Fish. Blue Fish. I have wanted to be an aquarium for quite some time not and I finally made one! Materials: -Big Box -Blue transparent material (cellophane) – Paper fish -Fishing line -Snorkel -Goggles -Flippers First, I had to find an appropriate box. I looked all around and finally my … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween Costume

Homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween Costume

My son had so much fun wearing this homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween costume inspired by his love of the classic yellow school bus! At 4 years of age, he has amassed quite a large collection of figurines representing ALL modes of transportation, and his school bus collection is no exception! I searched his playroom … Read more

Coolest Showgirl Costume

Coolest Showgirl Costume 7

Once again it’s that time of the year for my sister’s annual Halloween party! I had just gone to Las Vegas and saw a show and that’s how I came up with the idea of being a showgirl for Halloween. I looked online for a real showgirl outfit and they were about $2,000 and the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Insect Catcher Costume

Homemade Insect Catcher Costume

I want to share with everyone the product I use that has truly changed my Halloween costume making and has made anything possible. After years of experimenting with paper mache (too heavy), wire and fabric (not stable enough) and many other methods, I finally found plumbing pipe insulation. This is extremely light weight, bendable, sturdy … Read more