Coolest Pagemaster Costume

Adventure Book Costume from the Pagemaster Movie

This is my Adventure Book (Pirate) character costume from The Pagemaster movie I made for my Son Joshua. I started with a cardboard frame and glued on some thin foam carpet underlayment that is shaped into the book form in the back and glued the seams with contact cement. The arms were cone shaped and … Read more

Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume 20

My four-year-old son loves dinosaurs and wanted to be a T-Rex for Halloween 2011. I constructed the T-Rex Dinosaur Costume in four components: head, tail, suit, and feet. I decided to build it this way to allow my son to easily take off the tail to sit in a chair or take off the head … Read more

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

My daughter came home from preschool one day singing “Farmer in the Dell” and the idea just clicked. My husband works on computers and Dell is a well known name in our house so this Farmer In The Dell Costume was just too funny. I started out by cutting a circle in the top of … Read more

Coolest Haunted House Homemade Costume

Homemade Haunted House Costume

Check out the Coolest Homemade Haunted House on YouTube: Our 8 year old helped make the ULTIMATE Homemade Haunted House Costume to complete our family’s Haunted theme this Halloween. Completely homemade, this walking house of fright, has strobe; black and other battery operated lights illuminating its’ wicked paper mache tree, various clay-made creatures, and “stained” … Read more

Coolest Kids Smurf Costumes

Homemade Kids Smurf Costumes

I really enjoy making my children’s costumes. After seeing my kids watch The Smurfs a million times, I knew exactly what they would be for Halloween. Smurfette: I used an old summer white dress, cut out a flower from felt and placed a blue circle in the middle. (taken from a leftover piece of Brainy’s … Read more

Coolest Ever Driving R2D2 Halloween Costume

Ever Driving R2D2 Halloween Costume

The whole thing started when my son wanted to be something from Star Wars, as all little boys are apt to do at some point in their childhood. We pulled into my in-laws & my eye fell on an old R2D2 cooler (like the kind you find at a gas station) laying in their side … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lighthouse Costume

Homemade Lighthouse Costume

My son Jordan decided he wanted to be a light house and instead of saying no, I said “SURE”! This was fun but tricky to make. I ended up building the frame with wire mesh cutting each peace out and then wiring them together with a stiff gauge wire. My hands got cut up pretty … Read more

Coolest Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard

Coolest Lemon Laura's Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard - with lights on

Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck was a big hit at a school Halloween dance and town parade where she could easily maneuver around with the lights glowing, ice cream truck song playing, ringing her bell. She could also relax in a chair inside the costume while children drew and wrote on the whiteboard side of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Graveyard Costume

Homemade Graveyard Costume

How do you make a graveyard spookier, more realistic, and more “haunted?” This year our kids went with a haunted theme together. Our oldest son (11 years old) was set on being a walking graveyard. What he ended up with was a graveyard scene to beat all graveyards. We incorporated battery operated led lights, strobe … Read more

Cool Homemade Yellow Submarine Costume

Angus in his Yellow Submarine Costume

My 4 year old son went through a serious Yellow Submarine phase where we had to watch the movie and read the book almost daily. I created this out of foam and felt.

Coolest Yo Gabba Gabba Homemade Costume

Plex - Yellow Robot from Yo Gabba Gabba

My son decided for this Halloween, he wanted to go as one of his favorite television characters – Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba. While we were in our local home repair center, we came across some concrete forming tubes – giant cardboard tubes about 4 foot long and 12 inches in diameter. PERFECT! After a … Read more

Coolest Medieval Lady Princess Costume

Coolest Medieval Lady Princess Costume

While my young daughter was thinking a “princess” I had something more along the lines of a medieval “Lady” in mind. This Medieval Lady Princess Costume was fabricated entirely with findings and fabric scraps I had already so the cost was $0 for me. I had a green satin and a gold silk fabric, and … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Truck Transformer Costume

Homemade Ice Cream Truck Transformer Costume

I’m an artist living in Austin, TX who spends every September and October working on my kids Halloween costumes. Transformers is the theme this year – again! My daughter wanted a Transformer costume and the only girl-friendly character I could think of is the ice cream truck Transformer from the second movie. The Homemade Ice … Read more

Original Homemade Haunted House Costume

Homemade Haunted House Costume

This homemade haunted house costume is by far one of my coolest costumes I have ever made. I made this for my Grandson, everyone loved it! He would also sit down in it and it looked like a normal Halloween Decoration. Then he would stand up and totally scare everyone! To make: Buy two foam … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rafiki Costume from The Lion King

Homemade Rafiki Costume from the Lion King

This is my Rafiki costume (from the Lion King) that I made for my Son Joshua. I used a pattern to sew the furry suit, but actually it was quite tight on him for October 31st… Making the Rafiki Costume I started with Styrofoam block for the face and carved it to the shape. Then, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Luigi Inside the Game Boy Costume

Homemade Luigi Inside the Game Boy Costume

First we took a DELL computer box and used silver duct tape for the Homemade Luigi Inside the Game Boy Costume. We used karate belts (our karate instructor is cringing at this) and used them as Luigi’s suspenders which also helped hold up the box on his shoulders. I used blue duct tape on the … Read more

Coolest Pair of Pants Costume

Coolest Pair of Pants Costume - Front

Our 6 year old decided that he wanted to be a “big pair of pants” this year for Halloween so we said we would try and this is what we came up with. We used material that we had in the house and bought some chicken wire to give the pants some shape. We even … Read more

Coolest Yellow Submarine Costume

Homemade Yellow Submarine Costume

8 Year old Caroline wanted to be something Beatles oriented. The decision was made to be ‘The Beatles Yellow Submarine’. It took me about 3 days to construct. Starting with a Microwave Box and a concrete tube form for setting posts. I flattened the end of the back one to facilitate a rudder position and … Read more

Coolest Pacman and Blinky Costumes

Homemade Pacman and Blinky Costumes

For these homemade Pacman and Blinky costumes, I found those thin sheets of foam that come in large rolls and used that to fashion the bodies. I purchased tights, shirts and booties from discount store. Had the gloves from previous costume.

Coolest Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

Homemade Evil Tooth Fairy Costume

I made this Evil Tooth Fairy Costume myself a couple of years ago for my Halloween costume. For the shirt I took a white tank top and used fabric paint to make a bloody tooth. The skirt was from a pattern I got at Joann’s. i made a choker out of bloody ‘teeth’ made from … Read more