Coolest Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume

Homemade SpongeBob and Plankton Couple Costume

When my daughter decided that we would dress up in Spongebob this year, I just couldn’t find the “perfect” Spongebob costume anywhere. My son, the little character that he is, decided he wanted to be Plankton, because he is EVIL, ha. Well, forget about trying to buy one of those. So being the crafty person … Read more

Coolest Homemade Luke Skywalker Pilot Costume

Homemade Luke Skywalker Pilot Costume

To my surprise, my 5 yr. old son wanted to be Luke Skywalker as a X-Wing Pilot for Halloween (thanks to the Lego Star Wars games). Since it was not the popular character costume of the season, I needed to make his costume again. (I made his “Coolest Bumblebee Transformer Halloween Costume 24”). After researching … Read more

Coolest Homemade Paratrooper Costume

Homemade Paratrooper Costume

My son wanted to be a paratrooper with a parachute. I went online and ordered a military uniform. Then I went to the local party store and purchased (4) Gold balloons in the shape of the number 1 and some white curling ribbon. It helps to have two people to construct this, one to hold … Read more

Coolest Construction Crane Costume

Homemade Construction Crane Costume

This year when I asked my 3 ½ year old son what he wanted to be for Halloween I couldn’t help but think “Oh great!! Just my luck!?”. This was the first year he had a specific request for a costume – he wanted to be a crane!!- With a wrecking ball!!! All I could … Read more

Coolest Wolfman Costume

Coolest Wolfman Costume 11

I wanted to make all of the original “scary” monsters since last year. I was able to get done with two of them. Here is The Wolfman! I found some stamps at a garage sale that were the heads of these monsters! So I carried The Wolfman around in my pocket for a week before … Read more

Cool Smurfs Costume

Smurfs Costume

I try to get my three kids to dress in similar costumes for Halloween. Then we recycle the pictures I take and use them as our Christmas cards. This is one of my favorites. Have a “smurfin” Christmas! I bought regular white t-shirts for the girls and sewed lace around the bottom edges. Then I … Read more

Coolest Pagemaster Costume

Adventure Book Costume from the Pagemaster Movie

This is my Adventure Book (Pirate) character costume from The Pagemaster movie I made for my Son Joshua. I started with a cardboard frame and glued on some thin foam carpet underlayment that is shaped into the book form in the back and glued the seams with contact cement. The arms were cone shaped and … Read more

Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Costume 20

My four-year-old son loves dinosaurs and wanted to be a T-Rex for Halloween 2011. I constructed the T-Rex Dinosaur Costume in four components: head, tail, suit, and feet. I decided to build it this way to allow my son to easily take off the tail to sit in a chair or take off the head … Read more

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

Coolest Farmer In The Dell Costume

My daughter came home from preschool one day singing “Farmer in the Dell” and the idea just clicked. My husband works on computers and Dell is a well known name in our house so this Farmer In The Dell Costume was just too funny. I started out by cutting a circle in the top of … Read more