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250+ Coolest All Girl Group Halloween Costumes

Sisterhood reigns supreme in this awesome collection of our coolest group Halloween costumes. Featured here are classic all-girls costumes like music bands TLC and En Vogue. These costumes are not limited to only female musicians. We also have their versions of Gene Simmons and KISS and they are pretty convincing!

These group Halloween costumes contain a range of frilly, girly costumes such as Barbies and pinatas, as well as gender neutral topics like arcade games. Either way, what will astound you is the sheer creativity on display from Over the Hill beauty queens to red solo cups and vintage toys.

You will also find plenty of animals. Pretty flamingos, cool dinosaurs and three blind mice, to name a few. If you are looking for movie inspiration, look no further. Costumes from Hocus Pocus, 101 Dalmatians and the Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect are all below.

All you need now is the perfect selfie!

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