Coolest DIY Jetsons Maid Rosie the Robot Costume

rosie the robot costume

I was inspired to try this by one of the previous posts on this website actually. The mass production of costumes and clothing these days has a massive impact on the environment. Halloween costumes are typically made with petroleum byproducts which are cheaply made and uncomfortable; two things that sound pretty terrible to me.  Also … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cinderella Halloween Costumes


I really enjoyed making these Cinderella Halloween costumes from things I had laying around the house. I am currently a full time student so funds were a bit low. Someday my Prince will Come Let’s start with Prince Charming. The Shirt was from an old button- up. I had buttons I put over his original … Read more

Amazing Homemade Inside Out Costumes

inside out costumes

Inside Out is one of our favorite movies (we are both big Disney fans and little kids at heart). I’m a pretty happy, peppy person, and my husband LOVES Lewis Black (the voice of “Anger” from the movie). So making Inside Out costumes seemed like a no-brainer. I also had seen a similar costume at … Read more

Cool Steak and Potato Couple Costume


The potato is made out of a pop-up hamper, with lots of craft paper and pillow stuffing stapled/hot glued to it. The stapler really helped keep everything in place. The slice of butter is a small box covered in construction paper. The ‘foil’ is just a piece of silver fabric from WalMart that I scrunched … Read more

Cool LED Mr. Roboto Android Costume


I came up with the idea to make a costume that stood out at night. It is illuminated by “El Wire” LED lights. The shoes, the mask, the jacket, and knee protectors all light up. The items were bought online and the assembled separately. It took 25 hours to sew the lights on using clear … Read more

Cool DIY Glowing Jellyfish Costumes

glowing jellyfish costumes

How we Became Jellyfish My fiancé and I were sitting on the couch one night discussing what we were going to do for Halloween. We came up with several ideas, but nothing really sounded that great. My fiancé said “I just really want to be the most venomous marine animal”. Well the process began; we … Read more

Awesome DIY Magic Butterfly Costume

Magic Butterfly

This costume is made of Hoola-hoops, Bed Sheets, 20 meters of LED ws2811 (computer controlled) strip (tape) lights.  It has a total of 800 LED’s on it and takes a specially modified 20,000Mah power-pack (like you buy to recharge a cell-phone) to run for about an hour. (So I carried 5 other batteries as swap-out’s … Read more

Coolest DIY Womens Cowgirl Costume

Cool Womens Cowgirl Costume

I didn’t know what I was going to be for Halloween this year until I was inspired by my long brown boots. A light bulb went on in my head and I just thought of “Cowgirl”. I think cowgirls are beautiful and confident when they ride beautiful horses. I recently went on a trip upstate … Read more

Simple DIY We Can Do It Poster Costume

"We can do it!"

My hard working mother wanted to dress up as an inspirational image. What more than to show the hard working morale of women, “We can do it”. We came up with just simply making a poster with the “We can do it” letters and attaching shoelaces to use it as a backpack. Using simple clothes … Read more

Coolest DIY Marvin The Martian Halloween Costume

marvin the martian halloween costume

I gravitate towards full body costumes. I have fun being immersed in the identity and personality of a character. For a short time every year, I get to use my imagination and play dress up without it being totally weird. I decided on a Marvin the Martian Halloween costume. In regard to fabrication, I like … Read more

Coolest DIY Psycho Movie Halloween Costumes

movie halloween costumes

Wearing the Ms. Crane Goes Down the Drain Costumes Demi Kourtesi and Lopati Ho Chee star in these versions of the Psycho Movie Halloween costumes. Inspiration for the Movie Halloween Costumes Let’s start off by saying we are both huge movie buffs and every year we have a few simple rules: 1)      Dont  talk about fight … Read more

Coolest DIY SpongeBob Halloween Costumes

spongebob halloween costumes

Our family Trick or Treats for the local Food Pantry and I hand make our costumes every year. My daughter loved this show growing up and really wanted to do these SpongeBob Halloween costumes. One of my daughters was SpongeBob, my other daughter was Patrick, I was Mr. Crab and we had our cat dressed as … Read more

Cool DIY Monopoly Car Costume

monopoly car costume

Wearing The Monopoly Car Costume Here I am as the Uncle Pennybags costume, and my car (the Coopie monster) in the Monopoly Car costume. Monopoly Car Costume Inspiration This year I had the unique chance to hand out candy to trick or treaters.  Instead of your average “knock on doors” technique most kids follow, I Joined the … Read more

Beautiful DIY Harry Potter Patronus Costume

harry potter patronus costume

I have always been a huge Harry Potter fan, but had yet to make a wizarding world themed costume! I wanted to do something beyond the more commonly found Hogwarts students, and decided to to make my version of a stag as a Harry Potter Patronus costume! This was a really fun homemade costume to … Read more

Fabulous Homemade Ursula Costume

Ursula costume

I loved The Little Mermaid as a child, and being a plus size gal, I’ve always been drawn to Ursula. I never thought of her as a villain, just the product of her environment. This Halloween, I really wanted to finally wear a “sexy ______” costume and what’s better than a sexy cerulean! Hence, my … Read more

Cool DIY Frog Costume – Honey Smacks the Frog

Honey Smacks frog costume

Each year I spend months thinking of what to be for Halloween. Since I make my costume each year I have to really think of ideas that are realistic to make. And, without spending a ton of money. I try to come up with costumes that are recognizable and/or nostalgic to my family and friends. … Read more

Star Wars: Han Solo’s Blaster Costume

Han Solo's blaster costume

With the release of the latest Star Wars movie last December I was reminded of my facination with the series as a kid. I had always been most fascinated with Han Solo’s blaster. So I decided make my version of Han Solo’s blaster costume. For materials: I did not have any overarching plan. Rather, I … Read more

Coolest Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Costume

Tim Burton's Mad Hatter Costume

Deciding to put together Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter costume was a process for me. I have always loved Halloween and dressing up as someone or something totally different. I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp. He can transform himself into anyone and always nails it. As a kid I loved Alice in Wonderland and … Read more

Hilarious Lost Kitty Costume

Lost kitty

Here’s my Lost Kitty Costume – I love a good costume that you can buy from Goodwill! I purchased a nightgown, robe and cane from Goodwill. To give my backside some shape, I took some pantyhose and stuffed them. I tied the legs off and used them to tie around my waist and made myself a very … Read more

Scary DIY Tooth Fairy Costume

This scary Tooth Fairy costume is custom made from head to toe and is not for the faint of heart! The dress is hand made and is a one-of-a-kind piece. The wings were designed and fabricated by hand as well, they detach from the harness (also made by hand) for easier transport. The skulls were … Read more

Cool Human Anatomy Costumes

Finished costume!

For our costumes this year, my girlfriend and I created cool human anatomy costumes. We wanted to wear something original and eye-catching and this did the trick! We looked in a nearby store and found the quality to be lacking so we did some research on costume materials and then it was time to get creative… … Read more

Super Realistic Zombie Poison Ivy and Zombie Riddler Costumes

By the time Halloween 2016 rolled around, I had been wanting to be Poison Ivy for a few years. And I finally did it - threefold. I had purchased a go

By the time Halloween 2016 rolled around, I had been wanting to be Poison Ivy for a few years. And I finally did it – threefold. I had purchased a gorgeous (and expensive) PVC corset/superhero underwear set in 2014 and planned on wearing that. But…I didn’t make it… I always make my costume. I had … Read more

Eco-Friendly, Net Zero, Green Home Costume


I think “Net Zero” homes are so cool! I also went to an open house a few weeks ago, and the builder (Sy Safi) told us about all the cool systems in his house, which not only make it super energy efficient, but also healthier to live in! I wanted to create something similar so … Read more