Amazingly Cool Homemade Divine Costume From Pink Flamingos

THe costume in all its glory!

I’ve wanted to be Divine from the film Pink Flamingos for many years and this year I decided it was time. I started with the wig. It was originally A POODLE WIG I picked up off Amazon. I combed out the pigtails and reshaped the “bump”. The wig was cut and the roots were added … Read more

Insanely Awesome Homemade Yukon Cornelius Costume

yukon cornelius costume

Hello, my name is Stephen Simantiras and I am an Industrial designer from Morristown, NJ. I love designing and building a new Halloween costume every year that challenges my skills and knowledge of materials and different processes. Consequently, here is how I came to make this Yukon Cornelius costume. Growing up during the Christmas season meant … Read more

Awesome DIY Rainbow Brite and Sprite Costumes

rainbow brite and sprite costumes

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. My best friend and I decided to make her and her pet sprite, Twink. So we spent the last month figuring out how to make and making these fun and colorful costumes. Here are some of the details on how we put these bright … Read more

Coolest Homemade David Bowie Costume From Labyrinth


David Bowie passed and the decision was made to become Bowie on Halloween. At fist I wasn’t sure what i was going to do and I always had a love for the movie the Labyrinth. I began searching the net for items to use as a costume and it all came to together. It was … Read more

Amazing Homemade Waiting on FEMA Costume

waiting on fema costume

The inspiration from my Waiting on FEMA costume came from a very recent tragedy in my life. On August 13, 2016, “The 1,000 year flood” hit my city and the surrounding cities of Baton Rouge, LA. The unexpected flood brought over 26 inches of rain flooding houses, vehicles, stores and restaurants. That being said, my … Read more

Awesome Homemade Arrow Costumes

Group Arrow Costumes

For Halloween this year my boyfriend, his friend, his friend’s girlfriend and I decided to go as characters from the popular television show “Arrow.” The show is based off of the DC comic Green Arrow. The characters for our Arrow costumes are (left to right) Black Canary, Green Arrow, Arsenal (Red Arrow/Speedy), and Felicity Smoke. … Read more

Awesome Lady Beetlejuice DIY Costume

Me as a female Beetlejuice. (Or you could call it Lady Beetlejuice, Bettyjuice, Beetle Babe, or whatever else suites your fancy!) Inspired by the cult classic, 1988 Tim Burton movie, Beetlejuice. Starring Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder and Michael Keeton as Beetlejuice. I wanted to do a sexy glam, but still scary and hideous, female Beetlejuice DIY … Read more

Stunning Homemade Adult Corpse Bride Costume

adult corpse bride costume

Adult Corpse Bride Costume So my favorite part of the Corpse Bride Movie is when Emily turns into a butterfly and goes to heaven. So I wanted to make the dress disintegrate in to butterflies but I couldn’t figure out how to do it so I just added the butterflies and lights to represent the … Read more

Awesome Homemade Huge T-Rex Costume

I built a 13′ long 7′ tall T-Rex costume after being inspired by classic Jurassic Park and a YouTube video where a dinosaur scares people coming elevators. It has an aluminum backpack and neck linkage system. That allows me to control the head (twist/nod/pan) with handlebars inside. Bike cables allow me to chomp the mouth. … Read more

Awesome Homemade 9 Costume With Detailed DIY Instructions

9 costume

When I finally decided that I would make a 9 costume, I was a bit nervous about it. I like to pick characters that I think will be fun and challenging. But when I shared my idea with some family and friends, I was shocked that nobody knew who 9 was. I was afraid that … Read more

Coolest DIY Old Gregg Costume From The Mighty Boosh

old gregg costume

Hi there. I’m Old Gregg, pleased to meet ya! Do you love me? Could you learn to love me? Crack open a fresh bottle of Baileys and let me tell you the tale of my Old Gregg costume… (All professional pictures were from a photo shoot with my good friend Brooke Ewing from Dirt Candy … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Ghost of Jerry Garcia Costume

For the longest time I have wanted to do a twist on the traditional bed sheet ghost costume and here it is…The Ghost of Jerry Garcia. I used white fabric and a tie dye kit for the main part. I bought a Santa wig and beard (and trimmed the beard). I added 2 skeletal hands … Read more

Creepiest DIY 13 Ghosts The Jackal Costume

the final

I bought a pair of used coveralls and dyed them with coffee. Then I splattered paint to create stains. I made the cage out of cardboard and painted it with dollar store acrylic paint. Adding plastic “chains” completed the outfit. The makeup was also created with cheap dollar store paints. I topped it off with … Read more

Hysterical Homemade Costume

"It's a girl!"

Chas, the bearded lady giving birth, found the idea for this outrageous costume by searching the internet using the head line “halloween costumes you can’t unsee”.  Once he saw the inspriation for this costume on a random blog site, he immediately knew it was the one. Chas created the entire costume out of cardboard and … Read more

Stunning Raven Costume Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem

raven costume

This is me in the picture. I wanted to be the raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem. I created this homemade raven costume myself from scratch. It is mostly out of satin with lots of lace trim, rooster feathers, and leather. Due to the fact that I was going for a little historical accuracy, … Read more

Coolest Toy Story’s Sheriff Woody Costume

I put together this costume myself over a few months!  I got the red bandana from Urban Outfitters, the cowboy hat, the sheriff badge and yellow plaid shirt from eBay, and the cow print vest (seller, niriah) and belt (seller, theVintageEurope) from Etsy.  (I’ve had the cowboy boots for a while, I don’t remember where I … Read more

Sensationally Scary Homemade Sea Siren Costume

sea siren costume

I love all things lore. I have even listened to the podcast with the same night all the way through multiple times. Because of this, I knew I wanted to incorporate one of these creatures into my costume this year. So, I went online and looked up lists of mythological creatures and thought a sea … Read more

Fabulous DIY Queen of Hearts Costume

DIY queen of hearts costume

This DIY Queen of Hearts costume is hands down one of my favorite costumes to date! Creating my DIY Queen of Hearts Costume I bought the wig, corset, and shoes online, but made everything else. The Skirt For the skirt, I just used 4 different kinds of tulle (black, red, red with glitter, black with … Read more

Coolest DIY Britney Spears Justin Timberlake VMA Denim Costumes

I’ve always LOVED Britney Spears, ever since I was little. And when Katy Perry recreated the Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake denim VMA outfits, I knew I wanted to do it too. At first my boyfriend was completely against the idea, but when I told him I’d handle the entire thing, he got on board! … Read more

Cool Homemade Energizer Bunny Halloween Costume

energizer bunny halloween costume

I wanted to do my very first DIY costume. So, I went online and googled DIY costumes and to my surprise your website popped up. I went and looked through the costumes people had posted and found the Energizer Bunny. I thought it was such a cute idea and it seemed pretty easy to make. … Read more

Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Ellen Degeneres Costume

ellen degeneres costume

I made this Ellen Degeneres costume for My husband and my 10th annual Halloween party. Our parties are so much fun because our friends do an amazing job with costumes. We pick a different theme every year- Vegas, SNL, Atlanta (where we live), Sci-fi/B-movies, etc. This year our theme was Politically Incorrect- seemed appropriate with … Read more

Punny Homemade Scrambled Eggs Costume

Scrambled Eggs!

I love Punny Costumes! (See my previous submission of Punniest Homemade EyePad). My husband thinks I’m crazy for making punny costumes and he just shakes his head like I’m a hopeless cause. It’s true! I’m a sucker for play-on-words types of costumes. The key to a good punny costume is that it is DIY and … Read more

Homemade Funny Wheelchair Costume for a Super Rad Girl

funny wheelchair costume

Every year we try to do something pretty cool and different for my daughter who has quadraplegic cerebral palsy and is in a power chair that she controls using her head. We came up with this funny wheelchair costume. Her chair has a lot going on so working around it isn’t always easy but where … Read more