Coolest iPod Earbuds Costumes

Right and Left, standing on the wrong sides!

This year, my boyfriend and I went as iPod earbud headphones. We were connected by a cable and even played music out of a portable speaker mounted inside, so we were really authentic. We were a hit everywhere we went, because we were able to provide music to people standing in line at the bar … Read more

Coolest Homemade Giant Spider Costume

Homemade Giant Spider Costume

I am very afraid of black widow spiders, so I decided to face my fears head on and make a huge Giant Spider Costume. The challenge of this costume was the sheer size of the thing, as well as my shivering hands. I first started out with a scary drawing of a spider that looked … Read more

Coolest Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume

Homemade Windex Man Halloween Costume

Halloween used to be a time to be scary, but now-a-days humor seems to be more and more prevalent around the last day of October. With me and my friends we are always trying to be unique and creative when it comes to costumes, and none of us settle for buying a pre-made costume. Trying … Read more

Coolest Statue of Liberty Costume

Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

I researched online what exactly she looked like, so that the Statue of Liberty costume would be completely accurate. I found this unique fabric, that had a shimmer to it, at Jo-Anns fabrics. I bought 12 yards of it, made a real long dress and draped the rest of the material around my shoulders. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Homemade Basketball Hoop Costume

Get Dunked On! Literally. Here is a little play by play of my basketball hoop costume this year: Materials I needed: Foam white board, Basketball Net, Name-Tag Clips, Head Band, black foam sheet, Orange tape, Orange Tights, Red tape, and Print out of a Shot clock. 1) Measure and cut arm holes. 2) Cut hole … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bird Costume

Homemade Bird Costume

This Homemade Bird Costume took about 8 months to make. I started with a plain white bustier, a tablecloth, and a huge white sweatshirt. The table cloth served as a base for my wings, which I then covered with felt and sweatshirt “feather” cut outs (most of these were either sequined or dipped in glitter.) … Read more

Coolest Homemade Katy Perry Costume

Coolest Homemade Katy Perry Costume

I always make my own costumes as I don’t like spending too much money on something I will wear once, and this one was no different. After lots of looking online I saw that no-one had copied the bikini top and that got me thinking. I got my nan to help me knit the buns, … Read more

Coolest Operation and Scrabble Game Costumes

Homemade Operation and Scrabble Game Costumes

Operation is a great game. It teaches kids hand / eye coordination as well as the extreme anxiety and nerve-rattling paranoia that comes with being a real doctor. Plus it lights up and makes cool sounds. It has it all. So when Jolene told me she wanted to be a Scrabble board for Halloween this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Transformer Costume

Homemade Transformer Costume

I made this homemade Transformer costume for my best mates 21st birthday that is considerably close to Christmas. He didn’t want anyone but him to dress as Santa, so everyone else had to be creative. I had just watched Transformers which inspired me to make this. I took a cardboard box and crouched in it … Read more

Coolest Carebears Costume

Carebears Cistyne

Where do I start? The costumes were a group decision amongst a group of grown men who all thought it was time to shock the local costume party we attend. And if seeing 6 foot tall grown men in bright colored jumpsuits isn’t shock then I am not sure what is. The Carebear costumes were … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sexy Buzz Lightyear Costume

Homemade Sexy Buzz Lightyear Costume

A sexy take on a classic character! I made my very own Buzz Lightyear costume complete with hand painted corset top and retractable wings. That’s right, my wings actually work! I rewired some kids toy wings into my corset; hit the button on the front of the corset and the wings go in and out … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Handmade Beetlejuice Carousel and Hammerhands Costume

Here’s a costume I started in 2006 and finally finished in 2008. I’ve worn it on two Halloween nights and the response has been awesome – for which I am very grateful! The kids just love it because the carousel lights up and rotates, plus the hammer hands are really long and huge…I’m like a … Read more