Coolest Homemade Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume

Homemade Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume

This Homemade Carmen Miranda Halloween Costume was fun to make. Most people today, I imagine, do not even know who Carmen Miranda was! First, I went shopping for all kinds of fruit and bright material. I took an old lime green top and sewed layers of bright material onto a piece of material and then … Read more

Coolest Pamela Anderson Costume

Homemade Pamela Anderson Costume

I spent ages on thinking of a costume for my friends fancy dress party. I wanted something unique that know one else would have. I looked around the costume shop, but i really didn’t want a bought costume. I saw few bits like the blow up boobs and I thought that I could make a … Read more

Coolest Lindsay Lohan Costume

Homemade Lindsay Lohan Costume

I was Lindsay Lohan and just dyed some scrubs orange, made my own house arrest bracelet with a dog collar and black duct tape, large sunglasses, and blond wig. I made my jail card out of poster board, black duct tape, and permanent marker. I was convict Lindsay. This Homemade Lindsay Lohan Costume turned out … Read more