Cool DIY Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Look-A-Like Costume

The BEST Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Look-A-Like

Whew, where do I start with describing this Janet Jackson costume? I could not find a jacket for starters, so I decided to go thrifting and BINGO I found the perfect jacket. I started by finding the logo online and printing it out in different sizes and cut it (for my hat, earring, jacket, and … Read more

Coolest Ever IT, Pennywise and Georgie Family Costume

IT Pennywise and Georgie

We got many looks at a costume party full of Winnie the Poohs and Moanas! We hand-made the boat for the SS Georgie using cardboard, thick stock paper and (of course) paint! My rain jacket only required a bit of blood splatter paint for effect. Bromely’s (my daughter) pennywise costume was made from thrifted grey … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mac-N-Cheeze Costume for a Boy


My son loves Mac and cheese so he wanted to be it for Halloween. I got a laundry basket size small from the dollar tree near me. Next, I covered the basket with blue felt. then I cut out the words Mac-N-Cheeze in yellow felt and hot glued them to the basket. Then I took … Read more

Socially Distanced Popcorn Costume

Socially Distanced Popcorn

For my socially distanced popcorn costume I use foam board, stripped fabric, pillow filler, acrylic paint, and popcorn. I’m a healthcare worker who lost many residents to Covid-19. My goal was to bring joy to my remaining coworkers and residents.

Coolest DIY Baby Yoda Costume from The Mandalorian

The Child aka Baby Yoda costume

We love watching the show The Mandalorian, and we just love “Baby Yoda.” My 8 year old son decided he wanted to be Baby Yoda for Halloween, but he also wanted to look like he was in the pod. So my husband and I decided to try and make it for him. I made the … Read more

Cool Balloons Galore Family Costumes

Balloons Galore Family Costumes

Since my balloon installation business, Bean and Boosh, soared to new heights this year, our Halloween costumes were all based on BALLOONS! I swore this year would be simple, but it took more work than I thought. We’ve been doing family costumes for over 12 years, so even throughout the pandemic, we were able to … Read more

Cool Homemade Onward Couple Costume

A journey "Onward"

Ian Lightfoot (pictured) and his Barley (not pictured) are on a Journey Onward to bring the rest of their father Wilden Lightfoot back for a day. There is only one problem, they were only able to bring half of him back. They must travel the country to get the right stone to bring the rest … Read more

Cool DIY “Chompette” Costume – Chain Chomp from Super Mario

Chompette (Chain Chomp from Super Mario)

I wanted to create a challenging costume despite going through a pandemic in 2020. I actually rushed on my costume because I initially wanted to participate in my school’s virtual Zumba costume contest, but I missed it. I thought it began at 6:45 pm and it actually started at 6:15pm last Thursday. Despite this, I … Read more

Super-Sweet Carnival Family Goodies DIY Costumes

Carnival Family Goodies

We are the Dickerson family and we’re dressed as carnival food and a vendor. My daughter, her first Halloween, is cotton candy. I am popcorn. My husband is a food vendor. I made the cotton candy by spraying poly-fil with pink silk flower spray and hot gluing it to a pink onesie and pink shoes … Read more

Cool Monkey in a Claw Machine Stroller Costume

Monkey in a Claw Machine Costume

The wife and I thought long and hard to come up with a costume that would work well at keeping our 2 year old safe from the weather and COVID. (And avoiding having to carry him around the town when he got tired).Of course it had to be cool at night too so we used … Read more

Sparkly Handmade Princess Tiana Costume

Sparkly Princess Tiana

I made a Disney Princess Tiana costume for my best friend’s granddaughter’s first Halloween. It was the first time in my life I created someone else’s design. It was a very fun challenge and I paid attention to details of the image I was working from. I separated the pieces, in my mind, and made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Geralt of Rivia Costume

Geralt of Rivia & Yennefer of Vengerberg

Inspiration for this homemade costume came from our favorite set of books/games and now a Netflix show, The Witcher! For those who aren’t familiar, Geralt of Rivia is a Witcher, one of the last of his kind, whose body was mutated long ago during the Trial of the Grasses to make him the ultimate monster-fighter. … Read more