Sweetest Homemade BOO Costume for a Toddler!

Ever since my daughter started walking, she got a million comments on how she looked and sounded just like Boo from Monsters Inc. I knew she HAD to be Boo for Halloween. I started searching for the costume, but it doesn’t exist. Ebay has a few from when the movie first came out, but they were selling for $150-$300!!! Crazy!!! I searched on Etsy because I am not a seamstress and I was too afraid to make it. They had 1, and it was still $90. So I vowed to make it myself!


  • 1 oversized purple zip-up hoodie (I bought a size 7/8 for my 1 year old)
  • 2 yards of purple shimmery fabric
  • Batting
  • Glue gun
  • Mop- the stringy kind
  • 2 Styrofoam balls
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Bendable metal wire
  • String/needle
  • Big sequins

I took the sweatshirt and cut off the hood. I then took my wire and put it thru the front part of the hood to make it stay in a circle shape. I covered the hood in fabric with hot glue and hand sewing on the edges. Then for the body, I took the sweatshirt and loosely covered in it purple fabric, stuffing the front with batting, and leaving arm holes for the sweatshirt arms to poke thru. I hot glued all the edges and then hand sewed them too, but I left the zipper exposed. I hand sewed 2 straight lines in across the front to give the illusion of the lumpy body. I attached the hood again, but this time backwards, so that the zipper was in the back. I poked holes thru the hood and pushed the pipe cleaners thru. I hot glued the edges to help them stand up. I colored the syrofoam balls to look like eyeballs, then I hot glued them onto the pipe cleaners. I took the mop and cut off a few strings and glued them on like hair. For the arms, I cute them diagnal, then sewed them shut so they were in the shape of tentacles. I then hot glued the sequins all over them.

This sounds complicated! Hahaha, but it really wasn’t. Starting with the base of a big sweatshirt really helped the whole process. And I only spent about $20 on everything.

It’s even cuter in person, especially when she is running around, flapping her arms, and making cute noises. She loves it! It’s very warm and cozy!


Sweetest Homemade BOO Costume for a Toddler!

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